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  1. Manage Licenses on Server

    Ok, thanks Rahul. I've downloaded and will install overnight.
  2. Manage Licenses on Server

    Thanks Rahul. Do you have a link to download the latest version? I can only see the link to 2.0 on the Collabion Charts website.
  3. We have Collabion Charts version 2.0.0 installed on SharePoint 2010 Foundation. Navigating to Central Admin > General Application Settings > Collabion Charts Configuration, if I click on manage licenses I get the error as indicated on the attached image. We have a separate SharePoint database on the same server that I'm trying to deploy Collabion Charts to, but at present it is only coming up as a trial version. I was hoping to deploy using the Manage Licenses option, but got the error as described. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Color Pallete in V 2.0.0

    Hi Rahul, I've fixed this simply by recreating the charts. Its seems that when I upgraded to V2.0.0 although the color attributes were carried across, the colors were not displayed on any of the charts correctly. I've now recreated some of the charts and amended others where necessary, but it would be helpful if I didn't have to do this following an upgrade.
  5. Color Pallete in V 2.0.0

    Hi Rahul, Thanks for the reply. I've looked at the Labels, Values & Tool-tips > Data Plot and it seems that the custom colors were imported when the charts were upgraded on the server because the color codes are there, however custom colors are not displaying on the charts - see attachment. Do you have any idea why this is not working?
  6. Hi, I'm running v2.0.0 and it appears that since I upgraded to this version, charts that have previously installed Custom Attributes (colorpallete) have been removed. Further to this, if I try to add custom colors via Custom Attributes it does not work, neither does setting the chart up again from scratch using colorpallete via Custom Attributes. I am using a single series, two bar chart and wish to set the two colors. This has worked on previous versions of CollabionCharts and previously on FusionCharts. Any help would be appreciated. I've attached an image of one example. As you can see the second bar in the chart is not showing any color. If I edit the chart the colorpallete attribute is missing, but even if I replace this the two colors do not work.
  7. Activation Error

    Hi there, I wonder if you can help me with a problem I have beenhaving recently. We purchased FusionCharts earlier this yearandwhilst using it has been great, we’ve come across a problem whena site template is created. The template installs fine, but then when you go to activatethe FusionCharts feature, you get the System.Security.SecurityException: Access denied error, with no relevant source files as in the screen shot here . The system is SharePoint Foundation 2010 and the charts areworking on the sites without a problem, just not in the template. Thetemplate is being used in the same web application, but in a different sitecollection. We have tried creating a template with an activated versionof FusionCharts running, but we then get a ‘File Not Found’ error whenapplying the template. Can you help point us in the right direction?