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  1. Data Label customization

    Hi, thanks for the thorough answer. As for the UTF8 encoding, I thought that AddDefaultCharset UTF-8 in .htaccess was enough, maybe I was wrong.
  2. Data Label customization

    Hello, I'd like to use the rotate and labelstep features described here: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/?AttDesc/DataLabels.html However, I don't know where chart element is. I just have a graph element I'm passing the data to FCF_line from a 2-dimensional PHP array: $strXML = "<graph caption='xxx' subcaption='xxxx' xAxisName='xxx' yAxisName='xxx' baseFont='Arial' baseFontSize ='18' baseFontColor ='000000' numberPrefix='' formatNumberScale='0' decimalPrecision='2' yAxisMinValue='-0.5' yAxisMaxValue='2' adjustDiv='0' numDivLines='9' divLineIsDashed='1' divLineColor='8CB1FF' numVDivLines='xxx'>"; foreach ($arrData as $arSubData) $strXML .= "<set name='" . $arSubData[1] . "' value='" . $arSubData[2] ."' color='#FF0000' />"; $strXML .= "</graph>"; echo renderChart("../../FusionCharts/FCF_Line.swf", "", $strXML, "liftcurve", 700, 700); Any hints? Thanks in advance! P.S Any way to use HTML special chars (ie. greek letters or è ò à) in the captions? I just get an empty space whenever I use them.