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  1. Long labels in pie 3D charts

    Hello, I tried the setting manageLabelOverflow="1". The problem with this setting is that "SmartLabels" now aren't working anymore and that now many labels in the chart overlap. I've attached a screenshot of my chart with manageLabelOverflow="1". It shows that most labels aren't readable anymore. It would be great if we were able to use "enableSmartLabels" in combination with "skipOverlapLabels" to prevent overlapping labels and "useEllipsesWhenOverflow" to truncate long labels with "..."
  2. Long labels in pie 3D charts

    Hello, thank you for the Information about the new version of FusionCharts. I've downloaded version 3.7 and installed it on my webserver. When displaying a chart that has long labels it gets rendered as in the previous version (3.6). Labels are still truncated without ellipses. When hovering over a truncated label with the mouse no tooltip appears. In the configuration of the chart I use the following XML properties: enableSmartLabels="1" skipOverlapLabels="1" manageLabelOverflow="0" useEllipsesWhenOverflow="1 I've attached a screenshot of the chart and the complete XML-file that I used. Are you able to replicate this issue? Do I have to use other XML properties to get labels truncated with ellipses? test.xml
  3. Long labels in pie 3D charts

    Thanks for the information! Looking forward to a solution for the ellipses issue
  4. Hello, I'm evaluating FusionCharts 3.6 and have some questions regarding the rendering of data labels in pie 3D charts. I need to display data with long labels. To configure the charts I specified these xml properties: enableSmartLabels="1" skipOverlapLabels="1" manageLabelOverflow="0" useEllipsesWhenOverflow="1" I've attached a screenshot of the rendered chart (fc_js_3_6.jpg). 1. Is it possible to get labels truncated with ellipses? 2. Is it possible to keep the label text left aligned, even if the label is displayed on the left side of the pie? 3. Is it possible to show tooltips with the complete text for truncated labels? 4. Is it possible to wrap some lables, if there is enough space for multiple lines? I've compared the rendering of the FusionCharts 3.6 with the Flash rendering an old version of FusionCharts and saw that the Flash chart had a perfect label management (see screenshot fc_flash_3_3.jpg). Is there a way to get the same results with the current (or maybe a future) version of FusionCharts?