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Found 8 results

  1. Enable Slicing on mouse over

    Hi, Is it possible to enable Slicing on mouse hover, instead of click in a pie2d chart?
  2. Hi. Please, help i got JS error in the console raven.js:381 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'chart' of undefined at r.hideElements (fusioncharts.js:1831) at fusioncharts.js:471 at wrapped (raven.js:377) hideElements @ fusioncharts.js:1831 (anonymous) @ fusioncharts.js:471 wrapped @ raven.js:377 setTimeout (async) (anonymous) @ raven.js:1117 Wa.animateWith @ fusioncharts.js:471 remove @ fusioncharts.js:1843 draw @ fusioncharts.js:1836 _drawDataset @ fusioncharts.js:1082 _updateVisuals @ fusioncharts.js:1038 draw @ fusioncharts.js:1041 u.createChart @ fusioncharts.js:921 update @ fusioncharts.js:1932 update @ fusioncharts.js:72 F @ fusioncharts.js:87 triggerEvent @ fusioncharts.js:45 b.raiseEvent @ fusioncharts.js:45 setChartData @ fusioncharts.js:92
  3. Hello, I am using version 3.9.0. I am Unable to Use Logoposition and Logotopposition characteristics in a Pie chart. Please find the screenshot below. I am trying to align the three pie charts in the same line. Please let me know if there is a better approach. Best Regards, Siva
  4. Hello All, I am using fusion charts 3.9.0. I am facing problem displaying pie chart labels and values. Please find the attachment, the values and labels in the pie chart are cluttered on the top left corner. Can you please help me debug this? Best Regards, Siva
  5. When rendering 2 Pie2d charts on a single page, the labels do not appear in Firefox, only the lines. However, if you showLegend 1 labels then appear. <script> function LoadGraphs() { piechart1 = new FusionCharts({ "type": "pie2d", "renderAt": "chartContainer", "width": "500", "height": "300", "dataFormat": "json", "dataSource": { "chart": { showLegend:0 }, "data": [ { "label": "Mon", "value": "4123" }, { "label": "Tue", "value": "4633" }, { "label": "Wed", "value": "5507" }, { "label": "Thu", "value": "4910" }, { "label": "Fri", "value": "5529" }, { "label": "Sat", "value": "5803" }, { "label": "Sun", "value": "6202" } ] } }); piechart1.render(); piechart2 = new FusionCharts({ "type": "pie2d", "renderAt": "chartContainer2", "width": "500", "height": "300", "dataFormat": "json", "dataSource": { "chart": { showLegend:0 }, "data": [ { "label": "Mon", "value": "1123" }, { "label": "Tue", "value": "1633" }, { "label": "Wed", "value": "1507" }, { "label": "Thu", "value": "1910" }, { "label": "Fri", "value": "1529" }, { "label": "Sat", "value": "1803" }, { "label": "Sun", "value": "1202" } ] } }); piechart2.render(); } </script> <a href="javascript:LoadGraphs();">Run Test</a> <div id="chartContainer">FusionCharts XT will load here!</div> <div id="chartContainer2">FusionCharts XT will load here!</div> It works fine in IE and Chrome, but not in Firefox, based on the latest FusionCharts. The code works in Firefox with FusionCharts 3.10.1
  6. Hi, There are strange issue that only pie2d chart is not getting rendered properly but all other charts work fine. I'm unable to find the issue. Here is how pie chart looks after rendering. Everything gets rendered properly except pie's color is not shown. Current Fusion Chart version : 3.7.1 and we are using Fusion charts with Angular JS. Can somebody help me to find the issue.(data is attached pie-chart-data.txt ) Thanks & Regards, Rams.
  7. Hi, we recently migrated from 3.3.1 to 3.7.1 and now we're experiencing strange behavior with links in pie charts: links are activated on right click instead of only on left clicks like the rest of the charts. Please have a look at provided simplified example: Maybe it has something to do with slicing animation because it is also activated on right click and doughnut charts seem to be affected too. Is there some workaround to disable this, because this is not consistent with the behavior of other charts? Regards, Igor
  8. Hi, i try to implement fusioncharts in my next project. Now i found a bug or a wrong intepritation. I think fusion charts calculate the rotation regarding to the body scroll position. Now i have a div inside the body that can be scrolled to ( overflow scroll ). When i try now to rotate the pie2d chart by mouse the rotating will go wrong. Is there a workaround or something i can configure to let fusioncharts calculate the position of the chart and the rotation correct ? Thanks for your help Mirco