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  1. Hi there. I have an issue with tooltip on Scrollstackedcolumn2D. When I'm dragging on horizontal scroll and hover mouse a little bit down over labels tooltips are freezing. Any ideas? What should I do to make it disappear? Example: http://jsfiddle.net/kotsolesya/2zgvoy9q/1/
  2. Hi. Please, help i got JS error in the console raven.js:381 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'chart' of undefined at r.hideElements (fusioncharts.js:1831) at fusioncharts.js:471 at wrapped (raven.js:377) hideElements @ fusioncharts.js:1831 (anonymous) @ fusioncharts.js:471 wrapped @ raven.js:377 setTimeout (async) (anonymous) @ raven.js:1117 Wa.animateWith @ fusioncharts.js:471 remove @ fusioncharts.js:1843 draw @ fusioncharts.js:1836 _drawDataset @ fusioncharts.js:1082 _updateVisuals @ fusioncharts.js:1038 draw @ fusioncharts.js:1041 u.createChart @ fusioncharts.js:921 update @ fusioncharts.js:1932 update @ fusioncharts.js:72 F @ fusioncharts.js:87 triggerEvent @ fusioncharts.js:45 b.raiseEvent @ fusioncharts.js:45 setChartData @ fusioncharts.js:92