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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there. I have an issue with tooltip on Scrollstackedcolumn2D. When I'm dragging on horizontal scroll and hover mouse a little bit down over labels tooltips are freezing. Any ideas? What should I do to make it disappear? Example:
  2. Hey guys. Sorry for asking so much but I can't find some things in the documentation. Is there a possibility to draw a small plot also when the y value is 0? Or am I able to start drawing the plots at -1 or something like this? Thanks.
  3. Plot value format

    Hey guys! I'm using FusionCharts to display some data from MySQL. This works fine. My problem now is that I have to display runtimes in a scroll stacked column chart. The format I got the data out of MySQL is a string for example: 34m3.245s. Now I want to know how i can sum those values up to show the sum of the column at the top. If I format the values to: mn:ss the sum includes only the minutes. I hope you understand my problem. Thanks.
  4. Please help me with the following issue: after changing from StackedColumn2D to ScrollStackedColumn2D some labels/values (showsum) are not visible. Technically the fusioncharts.js (v3.4) sets a clip-path="url('...')" property for SVG element, which hides the values... How could I avoid it??? Many thanks for your repsonse Bellow is an test XML new 3.txt