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  1. draw small plot when value = 0

    Hi, already saved the problem. Found ou that there was a problem with Firefox. thanks
  2. draw small plot when value = 0

    I have another strange problem. I add data from another db table to my chart at the first place. I add everything exactly the same way and it's drawn in the table. I have added "valueFontBold" => "1" to my chart, but the first two stacks are not displayed in bold. Do you maybe know where my problem is ?
  3. draw small plot when value = 0

    Hi, set yaxisminvalue to -0,1, so the little plot of 0 values is visible and looks good. Thank you for your help!
  4. Plot value format

    From one problem to another. Is there a feature where I can include the value 0? "formatnumberscale"=> "1", "numberScaleValue" => "60,60", "numberscaleUnit" => ":,:", "defaultNumberScale" => "", "scaleRecursively" => "1", "maxScaleRecursion" => "-1", In my example, if there are 22 minutes and 0 seconds it shows: 22: Or if there is exactly 1 hour and a few seconds it shows: 1:4 where I don't know if it's hours or minutes.
  5. Formatting X Axis Values

    Thank you very much!
  6. draw small plot when value = 0

    I'm using a scrollcombidy2d. I found the yaxisminvalue already, but in my chart there is no value below 0 so it's looking very strange when I set the yaxisminvalue. (see screenshot) Is there a possibility to start every column at -1 ?
  7. Hey guys. Sorry for asking so much but I can't find some things in the documentation. Is there a possibility to draw a small plot also when the y value is 0? Or am I able to start drawing the plots at -1 or something like this? Thanks.
  8. Formatting X Axis Values

    Sorry I meant of course the X-Axis-Label-FontSize
  9. Hey guys! I'm using a scrollcombidy2d to display my data. the theme I use is 'fint'. Now I face the problem that I can't set the font-size of the X-Axis-values in Firefox. It works on Chrome and IE but not in FF. Is there any workaround for this problem ? EDIT: If I change the font-size of the X-Axis-values, the values of the line-chart are not displayed anymore. greets.
  10. Plot value format

    Ok Thank you very much! Everything works now. I was just not able to find this documentation before!
  11. Plot value format

    Hey guys! I'm using FusionCharts to display some data from MySQL. This works fine. My problem now is that I have to display runtimes in a scroll stacked column chart. The format I got the data out of MySQL is a string for example: 34m3.245s. Now I want to know how i can sum those values up to show the sum of the column at the top. If I format the values to: mn:ss the sum includes only the minutes. I hope you understand my problem. Thanks.