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  1. Sry for the late replay, i am not sure if it will work with annotations, because i want that the text will shown "in" or "out" of the plot, where it better fits ( thats works good in fusioncharts ), but when fusioncharts decide to print them out side or inside i want to style the color separate, ( other wise there will be problems for reading the chart, then the color matchs in my place the background color, and the blue background is only a hack for me ). So i hope fusionchart will implement a solution for this in the next versions.
  2. Attached you find a example of my problem. The Picture shows the best solution i found. The problem is that the font color inside the plot is not readable outside the plot. Now it would be cool to set different colors for this when the text will printed inside or outside. That should be not a big deal because the chart already now when they have to print the informations outside the plot or when it will fit inside. Maybe you have a other solution for me how to work around my problem, then i would do this. Best Mirco
  3. font color when outside data plot

    Hi, thanks for your quick answer. This is not the best solution but it will work, better would be if i can set two different colors ( inside/ outside ) Whit this solution i run in the next "issue" now the values drop out at the bottom side ( picture attached ) I try to fix it whit valuePadding but then the values drop out at the top. Best Mirco
  4. Hi, i have a styling problem when using column2d chart with great difference in values from the max and lowest plot. The chart should put the value text inside the plot. Sometimes the plot is to small and fusioncharts decide to print it outside. Now i have the problem that i use white as color, thats ok when the value is inside the plot ( blue ) but not good when the value is outside the chart ( whit as well ) Is there a possibility to render the inside color other then the outside values ? A short demo you see attached Thanks for your help. Mirco
  5. Rotating ( Pie2d ) wrong calculation

    Hi, i had contact with the support team, they found the issue and fixed it in the newest version ( 3.7.0 ) Thanks you. can be closed
  6. Hi, i try to implement fusioncharts in my next project. Now i found a bug or a wrong intepritation. I think fusion charts calculate the rotation regarding to the body scroll position. Now i have a div inside the body that can be scrolled to ( overflow scroll ). When i try now to rotate the pie2d chart by mouse the rotating will go wrong. Is there a workaround or something i can configure to let fusioncharts calculate the position of the chart and the rotation correct ? Thanks for your help Mirco