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  1. Hello, I encounter a prohibitive problem using the Spline or MSSpline charts. Even if I configure the chart with a min Y-axis value to 0, if some values are set to 0, the spline is sometimes displayed below this value, on flash or javascript versions. Moreover, the chart automatically changes the min Y-axis value, depending this anormal position. The following captures show the example from here: which I just customized to replace some values with 0. Flash version JS version I tried to define the Y axis min value and to prevent the chart for auto adapting the display (setAdaptiveYMin to 0). Here is the XML code: <chart anchorAlpha="0" palette="4" caption="Sales Comparison" numdivlines="4" lineThickness="2" showValues="0" formatNumberScale="1" decimals="1" anchorRadius="2" numberPrefix="$" yAxisMinValue="0" setAdaptiveYMin="0" shadowAlpha="50"> <categories> <category label="Jan" /> <category label="Feb" /> <category label="Mar" /> <category label="Apr" /> <category label="May" /> <category label="Jun" /> <category label="Jul" /> <category label="Aug" /> <category label="Sep" /> <category label="Oct" /> <category label="Nov" /> <category label="Dec" /> </categories> <dataset seriesName="Current Year" color="A66EDD" anchorBorderColor="A66EDD" anchorRadius="4"> <set value="1127654" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="0" /> <set value="1324454" /> <set value="1357654" /> <set value="1296234" /> <set value="1359456" /> <set value="1391565" /> <set value="1414454" /> <set value="1671565" /> <set value="1134454" /> </dataset> <dataset seriesName="Previous Year" color="F6BD0F" anchorBorderColor="F6BD0F" anchorRadius="4"> <set value="927654" /> <set value="1126234" /> <set value="999456" /> <set value="1111565" /> <set value="1124454" /> <set value="1257654" /> <set value="1196234" /> <set value="1259456" /> <set value="1191565" /> <set value="1214454" /> <set value="1371565" /> <set value="1434454" /> </dataset> <styles> <definition> <style name="MyXScaleAnim" type="ANIMATION" duration="0.7" start="0" param="_xScale" /> <style name="MyYScaleAnim" type="ANIMATION" duration="0.7" start="0" param="_yscale" /> <style name="MyAlphaAnim" type="ANIMATION" duration="0.7" start="0" param="_alpha" /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject="DIVLINES" styles="MyXScaleAnim,MyAlphaAnim" /> <apply toObject="HGRID" styles="MyYScaleAnim,MyAlphaAnim" /> </application> </styles> </chart> I believe this is an anormal behavior of the chart. It shouldn't display a part of the chart below the min Y value, and it shouldn't move the Y-axis, based on this bad display. How can I manage to fix this display? Thank you a lot for your support. monsieurjplus
  2. Serverside Exporting to Image/PDF broken in Chrome 29+

    Hi Sumedh, I understand this a current browser limitation (or an issue, whatever). But, I totally agree with munick and I believe a web service MUST be compatible at least with all modern browsers. That's why I consider this is a bug on FusionCharts even if it is first a bug on Chrome 29+. Even if old Internet Explorer versions were full of bugs or built with particular choices, most of devs made the efforts to keep a good compatibility, at least about the behavior of their system. We will try to use the JavaScript export but this is acceptable for us only if we can get the exact same behavior and the exact same design on all browsers and devices. Thanks a lot. monsieurjplus
  3. Serverside Exporting to Image/PDF broken in Chrome 29+

    Hello Sumedh, I tried your suggestion. The export worked but there are still two big problems: the labels are not displayed as the following capture shows: we can do this trick for us, but we can't ask our customers to do so Will you provide a fix soon regarding this bug? Thanks for your support. monsieurj
  4. Serverside Exporting to Image/PDF broken in Chrome 29+

    Hi Munick, I encounter the same problem as you on Chrome 29+ (just tried on images though). There are two different situations in my experience: the first one is, if the title of the export contains some accents, the image of the graph is generated and is printed on the page. the second one is, if the title of the export does not contain some accents, the image of the graph is never sent to the client. I don't know if it is generated though. Some steps to reproduce: 1) We select "Export as PNG" on the flash chart 2) The export is processed 3) a) Accents in the title of the export: the PNG image is displayed (here at the top left of my page) 3) No accent in the title of the export: nothing happens, the flash chart is normally displayed I precise I checked my download folders and nothing was written into. Thanks a lot for your support. monsieurj
  5. Right To Left Langauges

    Hi Sanjukta, Thank you for answering me :-) I'm disappointed to hear that but I understand this is not for you a main priority. The real problem I encoutered is that FC has a very different behavior on several browsers. Even if I reverse the chars of my title, it will render correctly on some browsers and will be unreadable on other ones. Hope you'll fix this bug in a near future! Thank you again :-) monsieurjplus
  6. Right To Left Langauges

    A quick UP Cause this problem is always without answer for me Thank you monsieurjplus
  7. Right To Left Langauges

    Hello, First, I have to tell that FusionCharts is probably the best charts software. I up this topic cause I can't find anything new about this feature. Some of my pie charts includes labels with arab, combined with english. Typically, a label follows the pattern: NAME - PERCENTAGE (NUMBER) and NAME can be in any lang. I managed to handle UTF-8 on my script (even with BOM marks). I must precise the chart is build in JS, with the String method, and updated depending external actions (checkboxes). With an arabic NAME, i get several kind of display (just checked on Windows): * on Firefox 18.0.2 with classic JS impl., the pattern is respected, but the arabic NAME is displayed in left-to-right order. * on Firefox 18.0.2 with jQuery impl., the pattern is not respected. Display is: NUMBER) REVERSE_PERCENTAGE - NAME). Though, I notice the arabic NAME is correcly written. * on Chrome 24 with classic JS impl., I get the same problem than the previous case (FF with jQuery). I didn't tried with others browsers, cause these are the main ones used by my customers. In conclusion, do you now have any plans to support the right-to-left languages? Or, is there an already existing solution about this issue? Thanks a lot in advance :-) monsieurjplus