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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm developing an APP that makes graphics based in data from MySQL, my problem is that when I bring the data at 100% zoom in chrome, in line charts the plottooltext is not showing, when zoom out, the plottooltext works 1st image, 100% zoom 2nd image, 50% zoom both in Google Chrome any hopes on this to work?
  2. FusionCharts.ready(function () { var myChart = new FusionCharts({ type: "angulargauge", renderAt: "refgauge", width: "100%", height: "350", dataFormat: "json", "dataSource": {"chart":{"caption":"Elecon Motor Speed","subCaption":"Current Speed","lowerlimit":"0","upperlimit":"300","showvalue":"1","theme":"fusion"},"colorrange": {"color": [{ "minvalue":"0","maxvalue":"100","code":"#FFC533"},{"minvalue":"100","maxvalue":"200","code":"#62B58F"},{"minvalue":"200","maxvalue":"300","code":"#F2726F"}]}, "dials": {"dial": [{"value":"","tooltext":"Speed: <b>$datavalue</b>"}]},"trendpoints": {"point": [{ "startvalue":"125","displayvalue":"Eco","thickness":"2","color":"#E15A26","usemarker":"1","markerbordercolor":"#E15A26","markertooltext":"Eco Speed"}]}}, events: { 'beforeRender': function (evt, args) { var score = document.createElement('div'); score.setAttribute('id', 'score-detail'); args.container.parentNode.insertBefore(score, args.container.nextSibling); }, "rendered": function (evtObj, argObj) { evtObj.sender.intervalVar = setInterval(function () { var chartIns = evtObj.sender; chartIns.feedData("value=" + datavalue); }, 300); }, "realtimeUpdateComplete": function (evtObj, argObj) { var updtObj = argObj && argObj.updateObject, values = updtObj && updtObj.values, updtValStr = values && values[0], updtVal = updtValStr && parseFloat(updtValStr).toFixed(0), divToUpdate = document.getElementById("score-detail"); }, "disposed": function (evtObj, argObj) { clearInterval(evtObj.sender.intervalVar); } } }); myChart.render(); }); i am updating value from the code behind page of the updated value displays and the chart reflects the change in value but the theme is not rendered with the chart. and the problem in only in chrome browser.
  3. Pie2D small chart size

    Hello, I've been using fusioncharts 3.9 and have encountered my data portion of my pie charts are very small when I set the size of the chart to '100%', '100%'. The chart, including of the background, is the size of the parent div, but the pie chart itself is so small as to be unusable. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Every text item on my chart is underlined in Firefox and Chrome but not in IE11. I do NOT want the underlines but cannot figure out how to eliminate them.
  5. Hi, I have a US and a global map that I am trying to render. It worked fine on 3.2.2 on all browsers, but due to an issue in chrome, I had to upgrade, and now i get the message 'chart type not supported'. What happened in chrome recently that would cause my normal bar charts to not update when filters are changed? That's why I had to update, but if there is another fix around it, then I would rather just go back to old code. Or if I could just keep maps libraries at 3.2.2 that would be great. Thanks for the help, Shashank
  6. hello, I have a series of webpages that use RealTimeArea.swf to graph the number of calls coming in. In IE8 and 9, the chart fills the whole space, but in IE 10, 11, chrome and firefox, the chart only uses 1/2 of the space. We are using the flash render of Fusion for all of this. I have enclosed an image of both, and a copy of the code that we use to create and populate it with data. is there a setting that we are missing? we are using flash Thanks Geordi fusion chart code.txt
  7. It looks like file downloads from flash can no longer be initiated from the navigateToURL() AS method in the latest versions of Chrome (282642 and 277210). Has anyone found this issue and found a workaround short of switching to client-side exports? Is it possible to get a patch to use a different AS method to initiate the download?
  8. I've build several webpages that have multiple charts. They all work perfectly in IE but only one of the charts on each page will render in Chrome. If I repeatedly refresh the page a different chart MAY render or it might be the same one. Which chart renders seems to be random but never more than one will be displayed. I've uninstalled/reinstalled Chrome & Flash. Any ideas?