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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm developing an APP that makes graphics based in data from MySQL, my problem is that when I bring the data at 100% zoom in chrome, in line charts the plottooltext is not showing, when zoom out, the plottooltext works 1st image, 100% zoom 2nd image, 50% zoom both in Google Chrome any hopes on this to work?
  2. Hello everyone! I am newbie in using of Fusion Charts. I am going to use Fusion Charts in JavaScript and there is one trouble. I need to customize volume bars. For example I want to draw a solid circle mark on a specific volume bar. Is it possible and if possible, how can I implement this? I hope detailed help. Thanks.
  3. Create new JS map

    Hi, I'm trying to do a map with the municipalities of colombia, there is the map for the departments (political division), but there is no exist the map for the municipalities, so I was stuying some maps, but converting a svg file to one compatile js file is hard, any guide please.
  4. Hi, while using the latest release of fusion charts XT, i ran into the following issue. On a page i am displaying 9 charts where i want to initially hide 6 of them. When the user clicks a 'show all' button, all charts should be shown. This does not work correctly with .show() or .slideToggle(). When clicking the button only 2 out of the 6 charts get shown and their size/position is not correct. Here the code i am using to control visibility: <button id="tbutton">Show All</button> <script> $( "#tbutton" ).click(function() { $( "tr.hiddenrow" ).show(); }); </script>'; <tr><td><div id=chart1>Chart</div></td></tr> <tr><td><div id=chart2>Chart</div></td></tr> <tr><td><div id=chart3>Chart</div></td></tr> <tr class="hiddenrow" style="display: none;"><td><div id=chart4>Chart</div></td></tr> <tr class="hiddenrow" style="display: none;"><td><div id=chart5>Chart</div></td></tr> <tr class="hiddenrow" style="display: none;"><td><div id=chart6>Chart</div></td></tr> <tr class="hiddenrow" style="display: none;"><td><div id=chart7>Chart</div></td></tr> <tr class="hiddenrow" style="display: none;"><td><div id=chart8>Chart</div></td></tr> <tr class="hiddenrow" style="display: none;"><td><div id=chart9>Chart</div></td></tr> Regards, T