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  1. Hello; I am upgrading from 3.2 to 3.11 and I noticed that the Use3DLighting attribute for these charts does not work in IE8 emulation mode. Is this a known issue or is there something else I must do to make it work in this browser? Thank you
  2. MSBar2DLine

    Hello; I am upgrading webpages using FusionCharts from v3.2 to current. I am currently using the trial version until all are completed. I have several dashboards that use MSBar2DLine, a multi-series bar chart with a line. I cannot find this chart in current versions of FusionCharts. Has this functionality been combined into another type of chart or was this a custom chart?
  3. Pie2D small chart size

    I do not have this problem if I set the size with JQuery, and I do not have the . Problem is I would like to use the native resizer, and not have to set the pie radius when changing screens or fullscreening.
  4. Hello, I am working with FusionCharts v3.9 and am updating existing charts/dashboards to use it rather than flash-based charts. One thing the flash charts allowed us to do that I have had trouble re-creating is the ability to add menu options to the right-click menu. In 3.2 we added an option to show the chart data, which is often aggregated counts from a machine in a factory (i.e. it reports 5 good quantity every so often, and the chart displays the summation of those counts to each time bucket). Is it possible in Javascript/HTML5 charts to add an option to the chart export menu to do this, or is there an easy workaround? Thanks.
  5. Pie2D small chart size

    Hello, I've been using fusioncharts 3.9 and have encountered my data portion of my pie charts are very small when I set the size of the chart to '100%', '100%'. The chart, including of the background, is the size of the parent div, but the pie chart itself is so small as to be unusable. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to add to the menu of chart export options. I am evaluating an upgrade from 3.2.2 to 3.9, and the current production charts (rendering with Flash) have an addition to their context menu allowing the user to view the chart data in a manner similar to Excel. Without the context menu in the Javascript charts, is it possible to either add a node to the chart export menu for this option, or add a button below it that calls the same function?
  7. Trendlines disappear after chart render

    It works for me now. Not sure what caused this. Thanks for responding,
  8. Hello; When attempting to draw a trendline on a chart of type "MSStackedColumn2DLineDY" with Animation = 1 running in Internet Explorer 8 compatibility mode (IE11 emulating IE8) the trendlines disappear after being drawn. I am using v3.9. Is this a known issue with a fix in the works? Thanks.