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Found 2 results

  1. FusionCharts.ready(function () { var myChart = new FusionCharts({ type: "angulargauge", renderAt: "refgauge", width: "100%", height: "350", dataFormat: "json", "dataSource": {"chart":{"caption":"Elecon Motor Speed","subCaption":"Current Speed","lowerlimit":"0","upperlimit":"300","showvalue":"1","theme":"fusion"},"colorrange": {"color": [{ "minvalue":"0","maxvalue":"100","code":"#FFC533"},{"minvalue":"100","maxvalue":"200","code":"#62B58F"},{"minvalue":"200","maxvalue":"300","code":"#F2726F"}]}, "dials": {"dial": [{"value":"","tooltext":"Speed: <b>$datavalue</b>"}]},"trendpoints": {"point": [{ "startvalue":"125","displayvalue":"Eco","thickness":"2","color":"#E15A26","usemarker":"1","markerbordercolor":"#E15A26","markertooltext":"Eco Speed"}]}}, events: { 'beforeRender': function (evt, args) { var score = document.createElement('div'); score.setAttribute('id', 'score-detail'); args.container.parentNode.insertBefore(score, args.container.nextSibling); }, "rendered": function (evtObj, argObj) { evtObj.sender.intervalVar = setInterval(function () { var chartIns = evtObj.sender; chartIns.feedData("value=" + datavalue); }, 300); }, "realtimeUpdateComplete": function (evtObj, argObj) { var updtObj = argObj && argObj.updateObject, values = updtObj && updtObj.values, updtValStr = values && values[0], updtVal = updtValStr && parseFloat(updtValStr).toFixed(0), divToUpdate = document.getElementById("score-detail"); }, "disposed": function (evtObj, argObj) { clearInterval(evtObj.sender.intervalVar); } } }); myChart.render(); }); i am updating value from the code behind page of the updated value displays and the chart reflects the change in value but the theme is not rendered with the chart. and the problem in only in chrome browser.
  2. Themes Data Specific Settings

    I would like to be able to create a theme so that on a combination chart (ie scrollcombidy2d) different renderAs options get different settings from the theme. A simple example would be: Lines: rotateValues:0 Columns: rotateValues:1 I have tried adding the following to the theme, but it does not work: scrollcombidy2d:{chart:{showValues:"0"},dataset:[{line:{rotateValues:"0"}},{column:{rotateValues:"1"}}]}, Is this possible? What would the structure be to do this?