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  1. Hi, I render a column2D chart through JavaScript, which works fine. If I add the showValues property to the chart element, then it results in a "Invalid Data" message. If I leave it, then it will render as expected. The showValues property is mentioned in the functional attributes under http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/contents/ChartSS/Column2D.html#Anchor1. "chart": { "caption": "Category wise Sales for 1996", "xaxisname": "Month", "palette": "2", "animation": "1", "formatnumberscale": "0", "numberprefix": "$", "showvalues": "0", "numdivlines": "4", "legendposition": "BOTTOM", "showValues":"0" } (Complete JSON attached Column2D.txt) Could you please take a look at this and notify me when this will be fixed. P.s. I am not allowed to upload .json files, so I've renamed it to .txt.
  2. Hi all, I would like to use icons in process labels. When I use the following code, it's get rendered as text. "process": [ { "label": "Research Phase <img src='/img/info.png'/>" } ] Is it possible to add HTML tags to the process labels?
  3. Hi, Is is possible to control the height of the Gantt chart dynamically? I'm using the Gantt chart with pagination, so one time I have multiple processes to show and the other time I have just 1 process to show. In JavaScript I create the Gantt chart as follows: var chart = new FusionCharts( "Gantt", "ganttID", "100%", "100%"); // height = 100% When I have 12 processes (rows) then the chart will render at 611px, when I select only one row it will not alter the height. See attached screenshots to clarify my problem. Is it possible to let the chart determine it's own height depending on it's content? So something like height: auto... P.s. I know I can use some callbacks of the chart (like BeforeDataUpdate) where I can determine the number of rows myself and adjust the height of the chart manually. But I would like that to be some default functionality supported by FusionCharts...
  4. Gantt: isUnderline property on WebKit browsers not working

    Hi Haritha, Thanks for your quick answer. I've found the problem. In my css I had a{text-decoration:underline;}, which overrules the FusionCharts setting on WebKit browsers. (In IE and FF these were rendered well). Now I've added some css styling: #planboardID a{text-decoration:none;}, which solves my problem.
  5. Hi All! I woud like to disable the underlining of Categories and Processes on the Gantt chart. Underlining should never occur, even not on mouse over. For this, I've used the properry isUnderline on the <categories> and <processes> elements. Apparently this works great on IE7+ and Firefox 23, but on WebKit browsers (like Chrome, Safari) this doesn't work as expected. Looks like this is a small bug in FusionCharts? I've created a screenshot which clearly shows the problem: Any help would be appreciated!
  6. Creating Gantt charts with FusionCharts!

  7. Gantt Chart: align (sub)caption with styles

    Thanx, really appreciate it! Is there anywhere that I can view or add something to the wishlist?
  8. Gantt Chart: Select Row

    Hi All, We're using the JavaScript Gantt chart. Now, we can only make selections by setting a (JavaScript) link on the chart's Processes. This means that the user can only click on the most left column containing the Process names. What we want to achieve is that the user can click on a entire row which activates the same link as defined on the chart's Processes. Does anybody know if this is feasible? Thanks in advance!
  9. Gantt Chart: align (sub)caption with styles

    Thanks for your quick reply Sanjukta! Will this feature be supported in the near future?
  10. I'm trying to align the caption & subcaption on a Gantt chart. I understood that I have to use styles for that. After reading the documentation on http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/?Styles/HowToUse.html I've come up with the following: In my JSON I have: "chart": { "caption": "Project Gantt", "subcaption":"From 1st Feb 2007 - 31st Aug 2007", }, "styles":{ "definition":{ "name": "alignLeftStyle", "type": "font", "align": "left" }, "application":{ "toObject": "Caption", "styles": "alignLeftStyle" } } but alignment is still default set to center... Has anybody ran into this as well? Tnx