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Hi All,
We're using the JavaScript Gantt chart.
Now, we can only make selections by setting a (JavaScript) link on the chart's Processes. This means that the user can only click on the most left column containing the Process names.


What we want to achieve is that the user can click on a entire row which activates the same link as defined on the chart's Processes.


Does anybody know if this is feasible?


Thanks in advance!

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Guest Sashibhusan

Hi Elgervb,


FusionWidgets XT Gantt chart does not support the feature of providing the link to each horizontal/vertical grid, as of now.


However, if you require you can provide link for the entire chart, using "clickURL" attribute of <chart> element, so that the entire chart will act as hotspot.


Also, you can apply link to <category>, <process>, <task>, <datacolumn>, <text>, <connector> and <milestone> elements of "Gantt" chart XML data.


For more information on "Gantt Chart Specification Sheet", please follow the link below:


Hope this helps!

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