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  1. Hi, Is it possible to give each series (or data point) a different border color? Thanks, Cristian
  2. Semi-Transparent Palette Colors?

    PS: Great news is this seems to work as well at the series level, for multi-series charts!
  3. Semi-Transparent Palette Colors?

    Well, this helps! Thanks, Prerana. -C
  4. Hi, Is there any way to use a palette with semi-transparent colors (i.e with a variable opacity/alpha)? My fiddle: I tried using rgba syntax for the string passed to paletteColors, but it does not seem to work. What if all colors have the same opacity? Or can we use rgba for at least a point color? Any suggestion/hack/tip is appreciated... Thanks, Cristian
  5. Do you support Surface Pyramids?

    Of course, Ayan. (This could actually help you guys decide about this feature, at some point in time... :)) Here is a linear pyramid: And here is the surface pyramid: The only change was in the "pyramidMode" value. Compare now the top segment from these charts. In the first chart, its height is 15% of the full pyramid height. In the surface pyramid, its area was made bigger, to show 15% of the whole pyramid surface. FYI: pyramidMode, valueRepresents, PyramidValueType. Cheers, Cristian
  6. Hi there, Your pyramid looks linear, i.e. the height of each segment is proportional with item's value. However, there is another known mode, called surface, in which the area of each segment (instead of its height), is proportional with item's value. Do you have a flag to easily switch from one mode to another? Or do you already have a fiddle with height calculations for each segment if we want this last mode? Best Regards, Cristian
  7. Is is possible to show the close or high value, for instance, on top of a candle, as for other chart types? showValues:1 doesn't seem to apply and I did not find one example with data values on candlesticks. Best Regards, Cristian
  8. Do you support series shadows?

    Uh, you're right, sorry about this. It's just too thin and very hard to detect it Thanks, -Cristian
  9. Do you support series shadows?

    Hi, Some old external post (see this) suggests custom series shadows (by custom I mean to at least turn them on and off) were supported only by your Flash version. Is anything changed today, for current JavaScript version? Your charts may have the best default look and feel I've seen so far, with smart use of series gradients and other smooth effects. However, I am surprised I did not find any custom shadow for the series. They could add an extra edge when used with lines or scatter points, for instance, as here below: Is there anything I missed? Best Regards, Cristian
  10. Multi-Series Doughnut

    That's an interesting hack. Thanks, Akash. -Cristian
  11. Multi-Series Doughnut

    Hi there, Old post, but I am also looking for a multi-series pie/doughnut chart, with independent series. In your multi-level pie/doughnut chart (which is also called a Sunburst), data is hierarchical and always related: one outer green slice is always close to a green slay inner slice. If you look at the image of the original poster, there is no such hierarchy. Here is another similar example: Could we populate two unrelated data series with your multi-level pie? If yes, how? Best Regards, Cristian
  12. Hello there, Bar charts can use showAlternateHGridColor and showAlternateVGridColor for interlaced strip lines. Is there a similar feature already implemented for the radar grid? Thanks a lot, Cristian
  13. Hi guys, Anything changed today? Is it possible, with the current version, to show the Y axis for candlestick charts on the left? Thanks, Cristian.
  14. Regarding Crosshairs

    Well, it was good to ask It took me a while to figure out it works on msline, but not on msspline... Thanks, Ayan. -C
  15. Regarding Crosshairs

    Hi guys. That's an old message (four years ago), so I have to ask: any change today? Does FusionCharts support crosshairs or trackballs (see this) today? Thanks, Cristian