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  1. Labels on the right

    Hello, in a scatter chart, is there a way to display the values labels on the right (or left) of the rendered point? To better explain, I have a series of points that always have an empty space left or right (see attachment) while above or below there might be another point (which would render the value unreadable). Thank you very much, Francesco
  2. Bubble Chart With Colored Quadrant Backgrounds

    Hi, your example can only work if you have items to be referenced (Puma and Nike in your case represent half of the graph). I would need to paint the chart sections (such as your example, but more than 4 sections). Is it possible to do this without reference to the elements but only to the coordinates of the chart? (I tried to edit your example but my idea to reach the half don't seem to work "(($canvasEndX - $canvasStartX) / 2) + $canvasStartX") have you got any suggestions? I ran out of ideas. Thank you.
  3. displayValue in Scatter charts

    Now, in my opinion the chart works well but my customer has the problem that when 2 or more dots in the scatter chart are overlapped, also the custom text are overlapped and they are not readable. Is there any kind of solution for this problem? (the customer would like to visualize the labels in different points so the dots will be overlapped but their labels will be all readable) Thank you, goodbye.
  4. displayValue in Scatter charts

    Ok, I have replaced with and now it work well, thank you!
  5. displayValue in Scatter charts

    Ok, this is my XML code. I have tried to set the custom string "test" for each dot. In this example, I have not set the "showValue" attribute for the elements and I can see the Y value, but if I set "showValue=0" no string is written over the dots. 85E0C294-0C4D-4842-ADAB-83EF53120BD8.xml
  6. displayValue in Scatter charts

    Hello, I'm trying to use the "displayValue" attribute for "set" elements in a scatter chart but it seem it doesn't work. In fact, I need to visualize a custom text for each dot. If I set the attribute "showValue=1" I can visualize the Y value, but if don't set "showValue" (or if I set "showValue=0") and I use the "displayValue" attribute no string is visualized over the dots on the chart. Can you help me please? Thanks
  7. Exporting images server side

    1) Debug Mode is not useful in this case because the callback function is not traced in it. When the export process is completed I can see these messages Export Capture Process Start: The chart has started capturing bitmap data for export. Export Transmit Data Start: The chart has finished capture stage of bitmap export and is now initiating transfer of data to the module at 'http://localhost/BKM_FC/FCExporter.aspx'. but the callback function is not mentioned 2) what do you intend for "server log"? How can I configure it? Thank you.
  8. Exporting images server side

    Hi Srividya, I tried to follow your advises but it seems that they don't work. Popup filter is disabled, I have also forced the exportTargetWindow parameter to '_self' Flash Player 10 was already installed but I tried to reinstall it again. I also tried to use an other PC, but the problem is the same, with IE7 or IE8 the callback function is not invoked (the alert message does not appear) Is there a way to debug? Any other suggestion? Thank you.
  9. Exporting images server side

    I have partially solved my problems, now I can save chart images server side through JavaScript and embed them into reports. Thanks to administrators for their replies. But I still have a problem with Internet Explorer: after the image has been saved on the server (the file is present on the disk) the callback function is not invoked and nothing happens. Instead, using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, the callback function is normally invoked. This function only contains an "alert". I have already tried with IE7 and IE8, but the result is the same. Which could be the reason of the problem? How can I solve it or how can I debug it? Thank you.
  10. Exporting images server side

    Up. Sorry but this is an urgent question for us, our customer need this report in a short term.. I'd like to know if besides contextual men
  11. Exporting images server side

    Method "chartId.exportChart({exportFormat:'jpg'});" is useful for both client-side and server-side export? I have read bonjarno's problem described in the other thread and in effect I think that my problem is quite similar. My specific case is the seguent: a web page shows a chart and a list of related data. I want to print a report that shows exactly the same things, so I need to save the image SERVER-SIDE and embed it into the report. I have read documentation but I have not understood HOW can I start the exporting process. Can I start it automatically when the chart has been loaded? Or instead, can I start it through a click on a button? At this moment, I'm able to save the image on the server only through a right click on the chart->Save as PDF/JPG/PNG... but I don't want this. My goal is to execute the exporting process and build the report with a single click of the user on a different button placed on the web page. Thank you
  12. Exporting images server side

    Hello, we are trying to export charts as images server side, because we need to insert theese images into a report. I have read documentation pages "Returning the exported output as download" and "Saving exported output on server disk": no problem for the first mode (download of the user), but i need to use the second mode (parameter exportAction="save") and I have a little problem with it I have not understand, how can I automatically get the image saved (server side) immediately after the chart has been loaded without pushing any button? The parameter exportAction="save" is sufficient to instruct the chart to save the image immediately after loading, or I have to call any function or similar to start the saving process? Thank you, regards.
  13. Gantt - Task fontSize problem

    Hi, I'm using Gantt Chart and I have a problem concerning tasks labels. I would like to customize the size of all tasks labels but unfortunately it seems that the attribute "fontSize" doesn't work... I have tried to use the attribute "fontsize" in "tasks" element and then "fontSize" in "task" element. In both cases, I have obtained no result. I can change font type (Arial, etc.) but not font size. Any suggestion? Thanks.