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  1. My fix for XLS Export when comma is present in data

    ...or if preferred : var regex = /,(?=(?:(?:[^'"]*(?:'|")){2})*[^'"]*$)/; Oa[c] = a.split(regex).map(function(c) { return c.replace(/"/g, "") });
  2. Hi, we used client side export chart functionality for creating an excel report. However when exported data contains commas, generated excel got broken (rows with commas have more columns than header). So...digging in fusioncharts.js code we did this trick: ..using stackoverflow splt function below: Our problem seems to be solved right now ...but is there any side effect we don't know? May I have broken something else? Regards, Francesco
  3. Hide a category in a stackedcolumn2d chart

    ...the only way we found to achieve this behaviour is to actually remove data from chart dataset before calling setChartData() in click callback function. Is this the only one solution? Regards, Francesco
  4. Hi all, in a stackedcolumn2d we need to hide series and categories. First is handled by legend clicks and for the latter we defined a custom JavaScript function in link label attribute. Here we look for Fusioncharts widget and call getChartData() in order to manipulate the dataset before calling setChartData again. However, apart from 'initiallyHidden' attribute only works for series and we could not find a similar attribute for driving categories visibility. If you look at attached image, hiding first column in the chart will make it re-scale, giving a decent size to other very small columns. Regards, Francesco