My fix for XLS Export when comma is present in data

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Hi, we used client side export chart functionality for creating an excel report. However when exported data contains commas, generated excel got broken (rows with commas have more columns than header).

So...digging in fusioncharts.js code we did this trick:


k = function() {
                        var c = 0;
                        Oa = [];
                        Na.replace(/[^\r\n]+/g, function(a) {
                            Oa[c] = [];
                            // FB fix for exporting data with comma inside
                            Oa[c] = a.split(",").map(function(c) {
                                return c.replace(/"/g, "")

                            Oa[c] = splitCsv(a).map(function(c) {
                                return c.replace(/"/g, "")

                            c += 1

..using stackoverflow splt function below:


function splitCsv(str) {
  return str.split(',').reduce((accum,curr)=>{
    if(accum.isConcatting) {
      accum.soFar[accum.soFar.length-1] += ','+curr
    } else {
    if(curr.split('"').length % 2 == 0) {
      accum.isConcatting= !accum.isConcatting
    return accum;

Our problem seems to be solved right now B)

...but is there any side effect we don't know? May I have broken something else?





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