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Found 15 results

  1. change font size of fusion chart

    Hi @Akash Biswas I am facing problem in changing the font size on caption as well as the chart base size in back end. I tried both of the codes also not success...Can you help me please? timeSeries.AddAttribute("caption", "{ text:'Particle Counter (10K)',captionFontSize:'7'}") timeSeries.AddAttribute("captionFontSize", "{value:'5'}") Thanks. Hooi Thin
  2. Hi, Is there is any property/ configuration present in fusion chart show that I can specify how many/ max legend can be shown. As shown in attached image. I have many category displayed in pie2d chart but I want only top 5 in legend not all (Exactly same as shown in image)
  3. Export to JPG

    how to export with fusionchart 3.5 without rendering in browser. there is some dll that replaces chartToImage.dll?
  4. I am new here and I need suggestion so basically my requirements are I am using USA/state map so when I clicked any USA state it will trigger a new bar chart in another section and vice versa the data filter each time when I clicked any chart either world map or bar chart I know we can use event listener but here my concern is how data filter in another section suppose when I clicked any chart other chart data also trigger or filter and I am implementing through reactjs please help me this one thanks. I have attached a screenshot left side map when I clicked any USA state the right side bar chart also filter .
  5. change font size of fusion chart

    I changed font size of labels for chart by adding 'fontSize' property. One label is displayed from fusionchart.js file where it sets the fontSize. Is there any way to changed the font size. In attached image 0,16k,32k,49k,65k label numbering font is not updated. As per code analysis - “Label Group” numbering is displayed through below code. <gxmlns=""class="raphael-group-52-dataset-top-label" font-family="Verdana,sans"font-size="10px"font-style="normal"font-weight="normal" style="font-family: Verdana,sans; font-size: 10px; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal;" transform="matrix(1 0 0 1 0 0)"> <textstyle="text-anchor: end;"fill="#000000"fill-opacity="1"stroke="none"text-anchor="end"x="154.76"y="417">0</text> <textstyle="text-anchor: end;"fill="#000000"fill-opacity="1"stroke="none"text-anchor="end"x="235.8797"y="221">16K</text> <textstyle="text-anchor: middle;"fill="#000000"fill-opacity="1"stroke="none"text-anchor="middle"x="431.72"y="140">32K</text> <textstyle="text-anchor: start;"fill="#000000"fill-opacity="1"stroke="none"text-anchor="start"x="627.5603"y="221">49K</text> <textstyle="text-anchor: start;"fill="#000000"fill-opacity="1"stroke="none"text-anchor="start"x="708.68"y="417">65K</text> </g> Class "raphael-group-52-dataset-top-label"is created in fusionchart.js and font
  6. I need to build a multiseries chart by adding a datepicker and changing the graph by populating the from and to date in the date picker and refreshing the chart accordingly. Kindly help.
  7. Hello, I have a file named menu.php and when I include it inside body tag before the chart include my chart gets weird.
  8. 2D Column stack - limited to 7

    Hello there, I'm using MySQL/PHP with PHPWrapper to make use of the FusionCharts. I've been able to get the data to get it rendered as 2D column stacks but are stuck at 7 despite having any limits attached to it. I'm using it to display the count of records for each month starting Apr, till Nov but the first stack starts from May when I Group the data by month in ASC. The interesting bit is that when i change this to DESC, i see the data from OCt- Apr (7 records) and the Nov data goes missing. I have not kept any limits defined that may be stopping this but yet i can get this to work. My data set type in MySQL are; acqid - INT acq_month - DATE fusioncharts.php & its associated JS are properly called upon in the file. Can anyone help? Thanks!!! Following is the code that I'm using; <?php // Form the SQL query that returns the top 10 most populous countries $strQuery = "SELECT count(acqid), acq_month FROM newacq GROUP BY MONTH(acq_month) ASC limit 13"; // Execute the query, or else return the error message. $result = $conn->query($strQuery) or exit("Error code ({$conn->errno}): {$conn->error}"); $arr=mysqli_fetch_array($result); //while($arr=mysqli_fetch_array($result)) { // print_r($arr); //} // If the query returns a valid response, prepare the JSON string if ($result) { // The `$arrData` array holds the chart attributes and data $arrData = array( "chart" => array( "caption" => "New Acq", "showValues" => "1", "theme" => "zune" ) ); $arrData["data"] = array(); // Push the data into the array while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) { array_push($arrData["data"], array( "label" => date("M-Y", strtotime($row["acq_month"])), "value" => $row["count(acqid)"], ) ); } /*JSON Encode the data to retrieve the string containing the JSON representation of the data in the array. */ $jsonEncodedData = json_encode($arrData); /*Create an object for the column chart using the FusionCharts PHP class constructor. Syntax for the constructor is ` FusionCharts("type of chart", "unique chart id", width of the chart, height of the chart, "div id to render the chart", "data format", "data source")`. Because we are using JSON data to render the chart, the data format will be `json`. The variable `$jsonEncodeData` holds all the JSON data for the chart, and will be passed as the value for the data source parameter of the constructor.*/ $columnChart = new FusionCharts("column2D", "myFirstChart" , 820, 300, "chart-1", "json", $jsonEncodedData); // Render the chart $columnChart->render(); // Close the database connection $conn->close(); } ?> <div id="chart-1"><!-- Fusion Charts will render here--></div> With ASC this is how it appears; And with DESC this is how it appears; EDIT - When i tried fetching the details carried out in the ARRAY using [print_r], I got the following message; Array ( [0] => 208 [count(acqid)] => 208 [1] => 2017-04-01 [acq_month] => 2017-04-01 ) Array ( [0] => 241 [count(acqid)] => 241 [1] => 2017-05-01 [acq_month] => 2017-05-01 ) Array ( [0] => 243 [count(acqid)] => 243 [1] => 2017-06-01 [acq_month] => 2017-06-01 ) Array ( [0] => 269 [count(acqid)] => 269 [1] => 2017-07-01 [acq_month] => 2017-07-01 ) Array ( [0] => 373 [count(acqid)] => 373 [1] => 2017-08-01 [acq_month] => 2017-08-01 ) Array ( [0] => 370 [count(acqid)] => 370 [1] => 2017-09-01 [acq_month] => 2017-09-01 ) Array ( [0] => 283 [count(acqid)] => 283 [1] => 2017-10-01 [acq_month] => 2017-10-01 ) Array ( [0] => 312 [count(acqid)] => 312 [1] => 2017-11-01 [acq_month] => 2017-11-01 ) It does show the information carried out for April & Nov including. If it helps!
  9. $pdf->AddPage(); $fusionCharts_HTML=' <? require_once(INCLUDE_DIR.'.'fusioncharts.php'.'); $plots = $report->getPlotData(); $ticket_projects = $report->getTicketProjects(); $project_selected = $report->getProjects(); $pieData = $report->getPieChart($ticket_projects); $jsonEncodedData = json_encode($pieData); $columnChart = new FusionCharts("pie3d", "ncmreportsummary" , 900, 450, "chart-1", "json",$jsonEncodedData); $columnChart->render(); ?> <div class="centered"> <div id="chart-1"><!-- Fusion Charts will render here--></div> </div> <?php'; $html2='<div class="centered">'.$fusionCharts_HTML.' </div>'; // output the HTML content $pdf->writeHTML($html2, true, false, true, false, ''); // reset pointer to the last page $pdf->lastPage();
  10. hi i am using Multi-series Stacked Column 2D + Line Dual Y Axis and i want to force my secondary y axis to show these values 14, 29, 43, 57, 71, 86, 100 how to i set my secondary y-axis to these values?????????????????
  11. Sorry for the repost i just attach the file for my work i wish i can get an immediate response....... hi i am newbie in FusionCharts......... following samples in goes smoothly until i reach this problem...... i am following this sample http://docs.fusionch...s-of-chart.html My problem is the Thumbnail atttributes is not DISABLING........ the difference between my codes and the sample is the source of the data....... In my codes i am getting the json data from an external json file......... besides that difference nothing else differs...... more info my thumbnail resize it works....... it just the attributes are not disabling.......... it like i have small charts......... il post my codes here hope i can get an immediate response......... Thank You very much in advance.................. FusionCharts.ready(function(){ var createThumbNail = function(chartId, width, height, divId) { var chartRef = FusionCharts(chartId), clonedChart = chartRef.clone({ "width": width, "height": height }); ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // i think this part of the codes is not working............ ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// clonedChart.setChartAttribute({ "showValues": "0", "showLabels": "0", "animation": "0", "exportEnabled": "0", "showTooltip": "0", "showHoverEffect": "0", "showYAxisValues": "0", "caption": "", "subCaption": "", "xAxisName": "", "yAxisName": "", "showXAxisLine": "0", "showYAxisLine": "0", "numDivLines": "0", "enableSlicing": "0", "enableRotation": "0" }); ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // i think this part of the codes is not working............ ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// clonedChart.addEventListener('chartClick', function() { FusionCharts(chartId).render('chart-container'); }); clonedChart.render(divId, 'append'); }; var daily = new FusionCharts({ "type": "msstackedcolumn2d", "renderAt": "chart-container", "width": "800", "height": "500", "dataFormat": "jsonurl", "id": "chart1", //"dataSource": Drupal.settings.basePath + "/chartdata2.json" "dataSource": Drupal.settings.basePath + + "/js/jsondata/jsondataDaily.json" }); var weekly = new FusionCharts({ "type": "msstackedcolumn2d", "renderAt": "chart-container", "width": "800", "height": "500", "dataFormat": "jsonurl", "id": "chart2", //"dataSource": Drupal.settings.basePath + "/chartdata2.json" "dataSource": Drupal.settings.basePath + + "/js/jsondata/jsondataQuarter.json" }); // create thumbnails for all the three charts createThumbNail('chart1', 300, 300, 'thumbnail1'); createThumbNail('chart2', 300, 300, 'thumbnail2'); weekly.render(); }); // end of code
  12. Hi, I created a multi series stacked bar chart with ease. Now i need to show manual values for show sum attribute. Is this possible? If not possible post me some work around to achieve the same. attached my chart image. Suresh
  13. Fusionchart in android

    Hi , I want to develop application using fusion chart on android devices. :ph34r: I already have the license. :D But i dont know where to start. :unsure: Please provide example of integrating fusion chart in android 2.3.3 as fusion chart working fine on API 3+ devices. :mellow: I am not able to find necessary help regarding fusion chart and android over net. :mad:
  14. Hi I am using FusionChart XT My charts are not rendering in javascript, After added that line in js file which renders the chart i.e. FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer("javascript"); Still i am getting the charts in flash and i am using these charts in pentaho-fcplugin