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  1. Found answer . plotgradientcolor=' ' - works. Thanks, Suresh
  2. Hi, I have 1 more clarification. By default the dataset color is coming in gradient mode,is there any ways to set this as solid color? My code snippet : "<dataSet seriesName='Detractors(0-6)' color='#ff0000' showValues= '1'>"; "<set value='40%' displayValue = '40%' />"; "<set value='25%' displayValue = '25%' />"; "<set value='20%' displayValue = '20%' />"; "</dataSet>"; Please help! Thanks in advance, Suresh
  3. You are my hero! Works lika charm
  4. Hi, I created a multi series stacked bar chart with ease. Now i need to show manual values for show sum attribute. Is this possible? If not possible post me some work around to achieve the same. attached my chart image. Suresh