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  1. Hi, I created a multi series stacked bar chart with ease. Now i need to show manual values for show sum attribute. Is this possible? If not possible post me some work around to achieve the same. attached my chart image. Suresh
  2. Found answer . plotgradientcolor=' ' - works. Thanks, Suresh
  3. Hi, I have 1 more clarification. By default the dataset color is coming in gradient mode,is there any ways to set this as solid color? My code snippet : "<dataSet seriesName='Detractors(0-6)' color='#ff0000' showValues= '1'>"; "<set value='40%' displayValue = '40%' />"; "<set value='25%' displayValue = '25%' />"; "<set value='20%' displayValue = '20%' />"; "</dataSet>"; Please help! Thanks in advance, Suresh
  4. You are my hero! Works lika charm