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  1. Fusion Chart Combi Is Not Working

    XML is generated dynamically i am using fusion plugin in pentaho by plugin fusion charts generated
  2. I am using fusionCharts version : 3.2.1 In which FC Combi chart is not working properly it is showing only bars , Line is not coming
  3. pentaho versions : 4.8 fusionCharts version : 3.2.1 I want Combination chart (Dual y axis) in pentaho. what dataset is require for that charts like xaxis, yaxis, measures, KPI etc.
  4. Hi I am using FusionChart XT My charts are not rendering in javascript, After added that line in js file which renders the chart i.e. FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer("javascript"); Still i am getting the charts in flash and i am using these charts in pentaho-fcplugin