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  1. Line Area Shading

    Also, is there the possibility to have a different min y shading value as the charts? I would like there to be some "padding" so the user can see maybe another tick (i.e. area low is 45, and chart low is 40)
  2. Line Area Shading

    Hi Srishti, Thank you for the feedback. Is the "yAxisMinValue" only a number? or can it be a range? i.e. if my min value is variable based on each x index? -mazen
  3. Line Area Shading

    Hello, Is it possible to have a shaded area that doesn't go all the way down to zero? I'm looking to have a a multi-line chart with a shaded area, i.e. from the attached image, the light grey line (lowest line) should be shaded down to 45 and not 0. -Mazen
  4. Re-Animate on Data Change

    Ayan, Thank you very much for this information. It works, but not 100% as expected, see attached gif. -Mazen
  5. Selection of HeatMap

    Hello, As we continue to evaluate FusionCharts, I was wondering if for the `heatmap` chart, is it possible to know which square was selected? I'm currently using `events.dataPlotClick` to know when an item was clicked. I would also be looking into if its possible to apply custom class to each square (cursor: pointer;), to let the user know they can click the items. -Mazen
  6. Re-Animate on Data Change

    Hello, I currently evaluating FusionCharts prior to purchasing using the free trial. Thank you for a really good and robust package. I'm wondering if there is a way to "re-animate" when the data is changed. For example, I have a `msline` chart and when the data plots change, I was wondering if it would "re-animate". See attached GIF for example. Thanks, -Mazen