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  1. Hi Team, I'm using heatmap with% values and get blank Or null values where Numerator/denominator= 0/0 =null, I want to see these nulls having a color say Grey Or a text that says 'NA'. I even added 'NA' in the my dataset for nulls but still heatmap shows a blank cell. Please suggest a solution. Thanks Apurva
  2. Hi, I've created a Heatmap, it's X axis is at top (horizontal) and Y axis is at left side (vertical). I need to know if following is possible, as I tried so many options but nothing worked. 1. Align the y axis lables to the left instead of right, 2. Wrap the lables for longer texts 3. Can I have a fixed space to fit the y axis? Please let me know. Thanks Apurva
  3. Hi, I'm facing no/Black color issue with my Heatmap. I've created a heatmap. Say dimension is Month and the values are all zero, I gave minvalue=0, maxvalue=100, color range 0 to 50 is 'Red', 50 to 100 is 'Green'. When I have only zero values for all months I get color as Black but when any value is more than 0 for any of the Month, all the other zero values starts showing 'Red' as expected. I need to know why the color is Black when all values are Zero, I need 'Red' for all the months even if all values are 0. Why it is not considering minValue as 0. Please suggest. Thanks Apurva
  4. chart with rounded corners

    Did we get any solution for this? I have a same requirement.
  5. Rounded corners in a chart

    I'm unable to load the screenshot but here is the code. If you run it, you will understand the requirement. import React from "react"; import FusionCharts from "fusioncharts"; import ReactFC from "react-fusioncharts"; import Charts from "fusioncharts/fusioncharts.charts"; import FusionTheme from "fusioncharts/themes/fusioncharts.theme.fusion"; import './styles/bdl/css/bdl.css'; ReactFC.fcRoot(FusionCharts, Charts, FusionTheme); //Column2D const chartConfigs = { type: "scrollbar2d", //scrollcolumn2d //scrollbar2d width: "700", height: "400", dataFormat: "json", dataSource: { chart: { theme: "fusion", caption: "Top 25 NPM Packages for Node.js Developers", subCaption: "March 2019", plottooltext: "$datavalue Downloads", YAxisname: "Number of Downloads", XAxisname: "Packages", showvalues: "1", placeValuesInside: "0", canvasRightPadding: "40", showBorder: "1", borderRadius: "20", borderColor: "#666666", bgColor: "DDDDDD" }, categories: [{ category: [{ label: "Commander.js" }, { label: "Async.js" }, { label: "Request – Simplified HTTP Client" }, { label: "Express" }, { label: "WebPack" }, { label: "Hapi" } ] }], dataset: [{ data: [{ value: "97294205" }, { value: "95482197" }, { value: "60224172" }, { value: "33018247" }, { value: "31615028" }, { value: "1042206" } ] }] } }; class FusionChart extends React.Component { render() { console.log(chartConfigs); return ( < ReactFC { ...chartConfigs } /> ); } } export default FusionChart;
  6. Rounded corners in a chart

    Hi, I want rounded corners for my bar chart and added borderRadius: '20' in the code. It works fine and I got rounded corner for the border but I can still see pointed corners in the background of the chart. Do I need to set the rounded corner for the background aswell? If so, what needs to be done? Please guide. Thanks Apurva
  7. Change X-Axis field in Bar/Line chart

    Hi Akash, You misunderstood the requirement. I need to know a feature where we can change the dimension. For example I want to show Sales by Products and Sales by Month, So instead of creating 2 Bar charts, i want to create a single chart with interchangeable x-axis dimension (switch between Products and Month). Its like the same functionality we have for Fusion Themes where we can click radio button and switch to a different theme. Thanks Apurva
  8. Hi, I have a bar chart where X-axis shows 'Month' and Y-axis has 'Sales' now I need to change the x-axis from 'Month' to 'Quarter'. So that I'll have a single measure (Sales) and can have multiple Dimension Fields (Month or Quarter). Is there a way of switching between x-axis fields or dimension? Thanks Apurva