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  1. Issues with 'worldwithcountries' map

    That's great, thanks so much!
  2. Issues with 'worldwithcountries' map

    The default 'gradient' legends aren't really ideal for this particular use case and also seem to have a weird side effect of messing with the scaling of the map (ends up being about 50% as big). It doesn't look like FusionMaps supports the FusionCharts-styled legends: If that's the case, adding a simple .png/jpeg image that looks like the normal legend (but can't be interacted with) would be sufficient but I don't see anywhere in the docs that outlines how to insert arbitrary images into charts. It would be possible to add it outside of the chart but then chart exporting would not include the legend which is not ideal. Is there a reasonably straight forward way of appending a custom image to the bottom of a chart if there is no way to display the FusionCharts-style legends on a FusionMaps chart? Thanks again for the help on this.
  3. Issues with 'worldwithcountries' map

    @Ayan Bhadury It doesn't look like legends are supported on this chart type. Is that the case? If they are, are there any example fiddles showcasing this? Thanks again.
  4. Issues with 'worldwithcountries' map

    For anyone else who wants a quick fix for this one: events: { drawComplete: function() { reAlignMapChart(); }, renderComplete: function() { if (!mapChartHasBeenReAligned) { reAlignMapChart(); } }, resized: function() { reAlignMapChart(); } } // Handle map chart offset as a result of the islands west of Asia/Australia. function reAlignMapChart() { // Ensure that we're doing this just after the chart is calculated but before it's rendered. setTimeout(function() { var mainMapObjectToMove = $('.raphael-group-8-dataset'); // Check if chart is ready yet. if (mainMapObjectToMove.attr('transform') == null) { return; } var transformationProperties = mainMapObjectToMove.attr('transform').split(','); if (parseInt(transformationProperties[4]) == 0) { transformationProperties[4] = window.innerWidth / 14.5; // found through manual testing. } else { transformationProperties[4] = parseInt(transformationProperties[4]) * 1.272; // Found through manual testing. } var newTransformation = transformationProperties.join(); mainMapObjectToMove.attr('transform', newTransformation); mapChartHasBeenReAligned = true; }, 0); }
  5. Issues with 'worldwithcountries' map

    I found out that this horizontal centering issue is due to a number of small islands off to the far right of the map (in the pacific ocean). Visible here: https://www.fusioncharts.com/charts/fusionmaps/?map=world-map-with-countries Is there any way to compensate for this in the chart attributes? I'd like to either ignore/cut off the islands in the pacific or add extra margin to the left side of the map. [edit] To clarify, this is ONLY an issue on the 'World Map with Countries' chart. The standard 'World Map' does not have this issue. Thanks
  6. Issues with 'worldwithcountries' map

    Hi Ayan, Thanks! My only question left is related to the alignment. It looks like everything is actually centered by default (title, subtitle, and map) but the actual alignment of the map is kind of off center (but it's definitely not left aligned like you said it would be by default). The title/subtitle (which are correctly centered) sit above Moscow/Iraq/Saudi Arabia when it should really be above Sweden/Norway (due to the actual map being offset to the left slightly). Is there any way to fix this? Changing the margins does shift the map over but it also shifts the title/subtitle over too so it doesn't actually solve the problem. Thanks again
  7. Issues with 'worldwithcountries' map

    Hey Ayan, Thanks for the response. The issue with Greenland seems to be resolution-based (of the chart itself). Here is what it looks like at a different size (notice the single thin white object in the middle of it rather than covering one half): Reducing the size further seems to fix it so perhaps I'll just mess with that. Unfortunately, the margin attributes shift the title/subtitle as well so that it's just the same situation but everything is moved over (so I can either get the map to be centered or the title but not both)... this is the same in all browsers so I don't think it's intended but I could be wrong... do you have any other ideas on this? The copied fiddle example has this issue as well (for me at least). Also, do you know why the black-coloured countries do not show up as the intended colour (#FF0000)? This issue is also present in the copied fiddle example. Thanks!
  8. Hi there, I've run into a couple of issues with the 'worldwithcountries' map and was hoping to get some help. Adding a subtitle messes up the colouring of Greenland on Chrome (seen below). This does not happen in FF. Removing the subtitle 'fixes' it. The alignment of the actual map is over very far to the left. Is there any way to center this? I am trying to display a number of countries with red colouring but they are coming out as black. Is it because the values are 0? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks var chartHeight = '550'; var chart = new FusionCharts({ type: 'worldwithcountries', renderAt: 'chart', dataFormat: 'json', dataSource: '{"chart":{"animation":"0","usehovercolor":"1","canvasbordercolor":"FFFFFF","bordercolor":"FFFFFF","showlegend":"0","showshadow":"0","caption":"[TITLE]","subcaption":"[SUBTITLE]","connectorcolor":"000000","hovercolor":"AAAAAA","showLabels":"0"},"colorrange":{"gradient":"0","color":[{"maxvalue":"0","code":"FF0000"},{"maxvalue":"1","code":"43a047"},{"maxvalue":"2","code":"fbc02d"},{"maxvalue":"3","code":"CCCCCC"},{"maxvalue":"4","code":"aed581"}]},"data":[{"id":"93","value":"1"},{"id":"129","value":"3"},{"id":"39","value":"3"},{"id":"208","value":"2"},{"id":"130","value":"4"},{"id":"40","value":"3"},{"id":"207","value":"3"},{"id":"01","value":"3"},{"id":"25","value":"1"},{"id":"94","value":"3"},{"id":"206","value":"3"},{"id":"175","value":"1"},{"id":"131","value":"1"},{"id":"95","value":"1"},{"id":"02","value":"3"},{"id":"190","value":"3"},{"id":"96","value":"0"},{"id":"03","value":"4"},{"id":"132","value":"3"},{"id":"133","value":"1"},{"id":"04","value":"3"},{"id":"41","value":"3"},{"id":"209","value":"3"},{"id":"97","value":"3"},{"id":"26","value":"0"},{"id":"134","value":"3"},{"id":"42","value":"3"},{"id":"27","value":"1"},{"id":"238","value":"3"},{"id":"98","value":"3"},{"id":"135","value":"1"},{"id":"43","value":"3"},{"id":"44","value":"3"},{"id":"100","value":"3"},{"id":"45","value":"3"},{"id":"05","value":"1"},{"id":"46","value":"3"},{"id":"203","value":"3"},{"id":"47","value":"3"},{"id":"48","value":"3"},{"id":"28","value":"1"},{"id":"101","value":"1"},{"id":"210","value":"3"},{"id":"211","value":"3"},{"id":"29","value":"2"},{"id":"49","value":"3"},{"id":"91","value":"3"},{"id":"212","value":"3"},{"id":"06","value":"3"},{"id":"50","value":"3"},{"id":"136","value":"1"},{"id":"07","value":"1"},{"id":"228","value":"3"},{"id":"172","value":"1"},{"id":"137","value":"1"},{"id":"51","value":"3"},{"id":"138","value":"1"},{"id":"52","value":"3"},{"id":"08","value":"3"},{"id":"09","value":"3"},{"id":"30","value":"0"},{"id":"53","value":"1"},{"id":"10","value":"3"},{"id":"54","value":"3"},{"id":"55","value":"3"},{"id":"139","value":"1"},{"id":"56","value":"3"},{"id":"31","value":"3"},{"id":"213","value":"3"},{"id":"179","value":"3"},{"id":"176","value":"3"},{"id":"140","value":"1"},{"id":"141","value":"1"},{"id":"32","value":"3"},{"id":"214","value":"3"},{"id":"57","value":"3"},{"id":"90","value":"3"},{"id":"103","value":"1"},{"id":"142","value":"1"},{"id":"58","value":"3"},{"id":"216","value":"3"},{"id":"143","value":"1"},{"id":"24","value":"3"},{"id":"11","value":"3"},{"id":"217","value":"3"},{"id":"218","value":"3"},{"id":"12","value":"3"},{"id":"219","value":"3"},{"id":"59","value":"3"},{"id":"60","value":"3"},{"id":"33","value":"3"},{"id":"13","value":"3"},{"id":"171","value":"3"},{"id":"14","value":"3"},{"id":"127","value":"1"},{"id":"144","value":"1"},{"id":"145","value":"2"},{"id":"104","value":"1"},{"id":"105","value":"2"},{"id":"106","value":"2"},{"id":"191","value":"3"},{"id":"146","value":"1"},{"id":"223","value":"1"},{"id":"192","value":"1"},{"id":"147","value":"1"},{"id":"15","value":"3"},{"id":"107","value":"1"},{"id":"220","value":"1"},{"id":"193","value":"2"},{"id":"108","value":"3"},{"id":"61","value":"1"},{"id":"177","value":"3"},{"id":"205","value":"3"},{"id":"194","value":"1"},{"id":"111","value":"4"},{"id":"112","value":"3"},{"id":"148","value":"1"},{"id":"195","value":"1"},{"id":"62","value":"3"},{"id":"63","value":"3"},{"id":"64","value":"3"},{"id":"149","value":"3"},{"id":"150","value":"1"},{"id":"151","value":"1"},{"id":"128","value":"3"},{"id":"65","value":"3"},{"id":"66","value":"3"},{"id":"113","value":"4"},{"id":"222","value":"3"},{"id":"67","value":"3"},{"id":"153","value":"1"},{"id":"178","value":"3"},{"id":"224","value":"3"},{"id":"68","value":"3"},{"id":"92","value":"4"},{"id":"225","value":"3"},{"id":"16","value":"2"},{"id":"155","value":"1"},{"id":"114","value":"3"},{"id":"156","value":"3"},{"id":"226","value":"3"},{"id":"69","value":"3"},{"id":"70","value":"3"},{"id":"99","value":"3"},{"id":"71","value":"3"},{"id":"180","value":"3"},{"id":"115","value":"4"},{"id":"157","value":"1"},{"id":"189","value":"3"},{"id":"181","value":"1"},{"id":"17","value":"1"},{"id":"72","value":"3"},{"id":"73","value":"3"},{"id":"230","value":"3"},{"id":"231","value":"3"},{"id":"109","value":"3"},{"id":"232","value":"3"},{"id":"158","value":"1"},{"id":"196","value":"3"},{"id":"116","value":"1"},{"id":"182","value":"3"},{"id":"18","value":"3"},{"id":"183","value":"3"},{"id":"34","value":"3"},{"id":"35","value":"3"},{"id":"117","value":"4"},{"id":"233","value":"3"},{"id":"159","value":"1"},{"id":"160","value":"1"},{"id":"202","value":"3"},{"id":"197","value":"3"},{"id":"152","value":"3"},{"id":"154","value":"3"},{"id":"234","value":"3"},{"id":"161","value":"1"},{"id":"118","value":"1"},{"id":"74","value":"3"},{"id":"235","value":"3"},{"id":"19","value":"3"},{"id":"20","value":"3"},{"id":"236","value":"3"},{"id":"21","value":"3"},{"id":"184","value":"3"},{"id":"162","value":"1"},{"id":"75","value":"3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width: '100%', height: chartHeight }); chart.render();
  9. Possible to force last data point labels?

    Hey Ayan, Thanks for the reply. Yes, that is one possible solution. I will give that a try. But no, I don't need to show all labels of course. The only suggestion I have would be to improve the show/hide label algorithm to always show the first and last labels and fill in the rest as is possible as this would make for a much better default I think. I don't see any downside to this as it's currently random based on chart width and # of data points. [edit] The method you describe would effectively involve us writing the algorithm that we'd like to see as the default, just FYI.
  10. Possible to force last data point labels?

    I had heard that setting canvaspadding to 0 will do it but it only works for the first label, and the last label is never shown (just barely). Example w/ slightly different data but using 'canvaspadding' => 0:
  11. Hi there, In the example below, the data runs to 2017-12-23 but the last label (on the right) says 2017-11-25. This confuses our users as these charts update weekly and sometimes they will think that the data is not recent when it is. Is there a way to force the first and last data point labels to ensure that it's known when the start and end dates are just by looking at the labels? Thanks!
  12. Custom tooltext not working in zoomline chart

    Are custom tooltips still not supported for zoomline in the latest version of FusionCharts?
  13. Logarithmic Zoom-line charts

    Hi, Is it possible to build a logarithmic (log-scale) zoom-line chart? This is supported on msline via the logmsline chart type but I can't find a solution for this for the zoom-line chart type. Is this something that is supported by FusionCharts? Thanks.
  14. zoomline hover-labels in line2d & stackedarea2d

    That's definitely a lot better! The only trouble with it is that if you, for example, place your mouse cursor above the data points, it does not trigger the annotation events (requiring you you hover over the data points themselves, unlike on the zoomline chart type). Is there a way to allow users to hover over any part of the chart and have the annotation event fire for that position on the x-axis? Thanks again!
  15. Hi, I've found that the hover-labels (image example attached) on the zoomline chart are a lot easier for users to interact with than the defaults that are used on the line2d and stackedarea2d charts. The reason for this is that it doesn't matter where your cursor is vertically (on the zoomline), whereas you need to hover over the exact right spots with the others. My issue is that it doesn't look like there is an option to use the zoomline hover labels on the other chart types. Am I wrong? Alternatively, I would be willing to use the zoomline chart instead -- but the big issue with it is that I didn't see an option to show all data points (effectively removing the 'zoom' functionality). By default, it simply doesn't show enough data points for what I need (requiring users to zoom in to see more detail). This is in contrast with the other chart types. So my questions are: Is it possible to use the zoomline chart's hover labels on the line2d and stackedarea2d charts? Is it possible to configure a zoomline chart to show all data points by default (without requiring that users zoom in to see additional detail)? Thanks!