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  1. Is this how I should be initializing FusionCharts? import FusionCharts from 'fusioncharts'; import Charts from 'fusioncharts/fusioncharts.charts'; import FusionTheme from 'fusioncharts/themes/fusioncharts.theme.fusion'; import * as jQueryFusioncharts from 'jquery-fusioncharts'; Charts(FusionCharts); FusionTheme(FusionCharts); jQueryFusioncharts(FusionCharts); No matter what I do, it always triggers twice, and I can't figure out why. There isn't any difference between what's on npm and what's being used in the fiddle, is there?
  2. I am using v3.15 of FusionCharts and the jQuery FusionCharts plugin. The legendItemClicked event on my chart is triggering twice when adding the event after the chart has been rendered using the jQuery method. In the jsfiddle (using version 3.13 of FusionCharts ), this does not happen. When I add it using the events property in the options, it works fine and only triggers once. This is how I'm adding it after the chart has been created: var chartOptions = { }; //basic options $('#chart-container').insertFusionCharts(chartOptions); $('#chart-container').on('fusionchartslegenditemclicked', function(event, data){ console.log('legend item clicked'); }); In the Dev Tools in chrome, it says there is only one listener, and I have confirmed this code is only being run one time. I noticed that when doing it this way, the main chart element gets the event listener 'fusionchartslegenditemclicked', but when setting the event through properties, I can't find that event listener anywhere. These were the differences in the debug log between v3.13 and v3.15 of FusionCharts when attempting to use the jQuery method, if that helps.