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  1. Hi, On none of my heatmaps, - the export data to clipboard feature is no working, the option on charts exists, but the clipboard is empty, attached a sample xml with this issue. - The labes for x axis are not completelly rendered rendered. Thanks in advance data1.xml
  2. Export Data For Heatmap Not Working

    HI, Downloaded right now from: inside i have a folder dated: and in your intranet, were is supposed to be running the latest version, isn't working neither.
  3. Export Data For Heatmap Not Working

    Hi I own the last version of powercharts xt (just download again to be sure), the date of the swf files are dated 2012-10-31, and the problem exits on it.
  4. Export Data For Heatmap Not Working

    HI, And as i also mentioned is not working, you're testing on a trial version of the flash file, that in fact is working, but the commercial one is the one with the problem, then please fix this issue, see attached sample.
  5. Export Data For Heatmap Not Working

    Thanks for the response but not very helpful, see attached image for more info. The bug is reproducible in different browsers and different PCs.