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  1. Exporting Transparent Charts

    Hello, Ok, I understand that, but isn't it possible to make the exported chart image transparent? like a gif with transparent background?
  2. Exporting Transparent Charts

    Hey guys! That works ok, I mean, the chart shows up great in my web page with transparent background. The problem is when I export the chart as an image, that's where the background is white instead of transparent, how can I achieve this?
  3. Hey guys! Well, mine is an easy question, is it possible to export a chart with transparent background? I can't achieve this even if I set the XML to export as a GIF image, or bgAlpha, etc etc.. Thanks!!
  4. Hello there.. I'm trying to make a page and I must use fusioncharts and powercharts in the same page, is that possible? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, i need to get the value the user sets in this chart: How can I achieve this? Do you have any examples I can use? Thanks a lot!
  6. Licensing

    Hi guys how are you? I have a question, i'll buy the license in a few days, the final question is: If i purchase the license, can i use ANY programming language? I mean, ASP,, php, etc, they are all included with my license? or one only? Thanks a LOT!