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  1. Hi ! I need to add the trend line value on the top margin of the chart for the single series Bar 2D chart . I could able to do only in the bottom margin as shown in the chart gallery . Please help me to solve this issue .
  2. Hi ! I need to implement Legend for single series 2D column and bar graph . How to make it possible . Try to help me out for this query with the file attached .
  3. Hi Friends, While loading the Pie3D chart, I want to remove the space between the caption and legends. The chart looks very small because of the top and bottom space. Guide me to remove the top and bottom space of the chart. Do i need to modify the attribute for this probs.? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi ! When selecting 1 of the pie(datapot) in pie-graph, webservice request has to go through titanium framwork and combi-bar graph has to be rendered in the new area (in same window were pie-chart has be used) using titanium . Is there any possibility to track the touch event of pie slice returning to framework? To be more clear Please find the attachment .
  5. Hi . Can you add a horizontal and a vertical fixed line to the bar graph?
  6. Hi, Why does renderring of pie chart of takes longer time in mobile devices applications (ios & Android ) ?
  7. Hi , Fusioncharts is supported on WINDOWS MOBILE OS or not ?