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  1. Is anyone monitoring these forums? Any answers here?
  2. Is anyone monitoring these forums? Any answers here?
  3. Look at the Yaxis on this chart (line.swf): I assume I should get 10 horz div lines, but I get much more ... what's wrong here? chart: canvasbgColor='e6eef2' bgColor='FFFFFF' bgAlpha="100" showBorder = "0" numberPrefix='$' slantLabels='0' showValues='0' numVDivLines='3' lineColor='ac8100' anchorAlpha='0' lineThickness = '1' showToolTip = '1' showShadow = '0' lineThickness = '1' chartBottomMargin='2' chartTopMargin='5' chartLeftMargin='2' chartRightMargin='2' yAxisMaxValue='{{high}}' yAxisMinValue='{{low}}' setAdaptiveYMin='0' numDivLines = '10' >
  4. I'd like to make a horizontal bar chart like this Percentage change: ---------+ +-------- +---- ------+ ---------+ +-------- +---- ------+ ============================= -neg 0 +pos Any samples/hints/suggestions?
  5. But then I don't see the anchors ... I want to see the anchors, but not the line. Actually, I think I have to ditch this approach as it's resulting in too large a file. If I get 100 predictions on a given day, I end up with 100 series. I expect to get more than 100 predictions, easily. I really need the a combo scatter/line graph. Or some way to do scaled objects on a single line chart. You can see the chart on front page.
  6. Also, I wish I could set ConnectNullData on a per dataseries basis vs. per chart basis ... that would make it prettier too.
  7. I got it working, but it's not pretty. I used a multi-series line chart and made the line color the same as the background for all the predicted points. It would have been ideal to use alpha to hide the line, but then the anchors don't show up ... even when I set anchorAlpha to 100. I think this is a bug. Even better would have been a combo Line / Scatter chart, but I don't any of those around. If someone has better suggestions I'm all ears.
  8. I would like to make single series line chart that contains historical/actual data. But on the right of that I would like to show forecasted data. This is not line data, but individual points. For example, 60 days: * first 30 days = actual data as line chart * last 30 days = predicted points There is no limit to the number of predicted points I may have during each of the last 30 days (multiple points per day) I could perhaps use the ObjectGroup / Object, but it seems I need to do the Y-axis scaling myself ... which I'd prefer not to do. Any thoughts on how to do this? Thx, S
  9. Try visiting under IE6 and see if it happens for you. I'm starting to suspect it's the dual-IE install causing the problem (as I'm also getting cookie problems with it). Cheers, Sandy
  10. I've followed the steps outlined here but I still get the dialog boxes showing up under IE6. I am using a webserver, so it's hitting localhost and not the filesystem. Has anyone got this to work? I'm running under a dual-browser install with IE7 native and IE6 standalone installed.
  11. Suggestions for real-time data?

    I'm sure I can use this amount of data, the problem is it's a *lot* of data ... nearly 100k when fully populated. Do you have any suggestions for compressing it? Sampling/Moving window average techniques will lose valuable information. Suggestions?
  12. Suggestions for real-time data?

    24hrs of financial data, updated every minute ... so about 1440 data points by the end of the day.
  13. Suggestions for real-time data?

    I'm working on a chart of a 24-hour report of a single stock price. That seems like a lot of xml to pass around. I guess I should use a streaming chart, but even then the initial data load will be large. Any ideas for optimizing that? Thx in advance, Sandy