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  1. Dragnode chart link attribute

    Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Here, I tried with the registerWithJS set to 1, and it didn't help. The parameter passed to the SWF was: debugMode=0&chartWidth=800&chartHeight=600&DOMId=chart1Id&registerWithJS=1&scaleMode=noScale〈=EN&dataURL=/rpc/layerconfigurator/chartdata From the server log, instead of calling the java-script, it sends a HTTP request to "/j-showLayerInfo-35" instead. Any other tricks? Thanks a lot for the help. Regards, KOkon.
  2. Dragnode chart link attribute

    I changed the enableLink, and I saw a difference there. But instead of calling the java-script function, it reloads the chart. I set the link to link='j-window.alert-"test"', and it didn't make any difference. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot for the help. I really appreciate it. Regards, KOkon.
  3. Dragnode chart link attribute

    Here you go. I didn't compress it, since it's pretty small. Thanks, Eko. junk.txt
  4. Dragnode chart link attribute

    It doesn't work in my case as well. I tried both the link and clickURL, both didn't make any difference. Any insight? Thanks, Eko. My sample data (somehow this doesn't show in the forum):