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  1. Fusion Charts v3.7 and jQuery 1.9

    Thank you. I replaced my calls to jquery/fusioncharts with the ones you provided and no change, but I will keep testing and try to isolate the issue. It's difficult because I get no errors. I see in your package that you have a file called: "fusioncharts-jquery-plugin.min.js". I don't see mention of this in the documentation for the getting started - your first chart or the migration instructions from 3.x.y to XT. When is it required to include? Everytime fusioncharts.js is on the same page with jQuery? Mike
  2. Hi, My charts work fine with FusionCharts v3.7 and jQuery 1.3.2 but if I go to jQuery 1.9.1, they don't display. I get the message "no data to display" but I see the same response data via the javascript console with both 1.3.2 and 1.9.1. What do I need to do to get v3.7 to work with 1.9.1? Thanks, Mike
  3. setDataXML works the 2nd time it's called

    Yes, that was it. Thanks.
  4. I create a chart object when the page gets loaded: var chart1 = new FusionCharts("FusionCharts/MSLine.swf", "chart1Id", "740", "350", "0", "1"); chart1.setTransparent(true); chart1.setDataXML(""); chart1.render("chart1div"); Then after a button click and some ajax the chart gets fed new data like this chartObj.setDataXML(chart_xml); The first time it runs it returns setDataXML is not a function but a 2nd click works just fine. Any suggestions?
  5. wmode = transparent

    I am having the same problem (modal menus appear behind the chart) but I render my charts differently so I don't know how to make wmode transparent to fix it. I use two methods to display my charts: With javascript, the setDataXML method like this: chartObj.setDataXML(chart_xml); and with php like this: renderChartHTML("../../FusionCharts/Line.swf", "", $strXML, "myFirst1", 500, 300, false); Can you tell me exactly how to set wmode transparent to enable modal windows to appear over the top. And it would be most helpful if you could be explicit, as I am not an experienced programmer.
  6. I calculate all the parameters for controling the Y axis, like numDivLines, yAxisMinValue and yAxisMaxValue. so I control what the values are. (Since I am showing minutes and seconds, they must be even numbers like 5:10, 5:20, 5:30, etc.) Is there a way to format the axis (or to feed it preformatted strings) so I can get mm:ss on the Y axis? Thanks.
  7. I see how to control the size of X-Axis labels, the size of the caption and the size of the chart values font, but I don't see how to control the size of the Y-Axis labels. Is this possible? thanks
  8. Line charts: some segments dashed?

    Thanks. I will certainly try it. But perhaps you can clarify something. Since the "dashed" property is set on a single datapoint, how does FusionCharts know if it should draw a dashed line up to that datapoint or from that point on? I can see how a it makes sense on a column chart, where the individual column is shown with a dashed outline, but with a line chart it seems that the system would need two datapoints specified before it knows where the draw the dashed line. Or maybe it's a flag, that says "I am going to draw a dashed line until told differently"? I realize trying it will answer this, but I want to understand the design behind it. thanks, Mike
  9. I see power charts has a dashed="1" option that can be assigned as part of the <set> tag, but is it possible with FusionCharts 3.0? thanks, Mike
  10. Dual Y with one series?

    I am trying to make a chart that has one series, but has different Y values - one on each side. The situation is that I am plotting a series of race times, such as 21 min, so I have minutes as the primary access on the left. The scale would go from 15 min to 30 min or something similar. I also want mile pace scale. The race is 3 miles, so I want a scale that would show min/mile, on the right in this example, 7. And it would go from 5 to 10. Of course the line is exactly the same as every point is just divided by a constant. Is that possible? Thanks, Mike
  11. I am using a multi series column 3D chart with a line and dual Y and a "target" line in the background. See the example below. the problem is that the 3D Line is displayed "in front" of the columns, so that when compared to the target line it looks lower than it should. Is it possible to put the 3D line behind the columns so it can be correctly compared to the target line? (that may not look right either). Or maybe I should go to 2D charts instead. Suggestions? in the chart below the right mostpoint on the 3D line (the orange/red one) has a value of 61%, but it looks like 56% when compared to the target (blue) line. I don't think there is a 2D version of this same thing, right? I think the only way to do this in 2D mode is with stacked columns, right? thanks, Mike