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  1. You can see on my first post the screenshots you are requesting, along with the HTML and CSS generated code.
  2. @version fusioncharts/3.2.4-sr1.9888<br style="color: rgb(107, 107, 107); font-family: verdana, arial, tahoma, sans-serif; line-height: 18px; background-color: rgb(247, 247, 247);">Javascript
  3. Hi, sorry but this is for an application for my company's client, and I'm not free to share a public URL with anyone outside the company Anything else I can provide you?
  4. Hello, my problem is that when rendering a chart (Pie Chart / Bar Chart), the inline CSS created by the render is very different in Chrome (or FF) and Internet Explorer. In Chrome/FF, the chart inherits correctly the width value of its parent of 55%, but on IE9 (and 8) it renders a css width of 1056 px; we have no idea where this value is coming from and require assistance. Attached screenshot showing the rendered HTML and CSS.
  5. Problems With Charts Not Working When Scrolled Out

    Unfortunately I was wrong, the problem still persists, even with no margin attributes.
  6. Problems With Charts Not Working When Scrolled Out

    The issue was resolved by removing some attributes from the chart, probably misusage Thanks.
  7. Problems With Charts Not Working When Scrolled Out

    @version fusioncharts/3.2.4-sr1.9888 Javascript HTML already posted, some sample JS of how it is rendered: var oldTaskChart = new FusionCharts({ id: "chart_task", debugMode: "1" }); if (oldTaskChart && oldTaskChart.dispose) { oldTaskChart.dispose(); } // tasks object var tasks = { all: [], onTrack: [], atRisk: [], offTrack: [], complete: [], notStarted: [] }; // validate filtered tasks if (!filteredTasks || !$.isArray(filteredTasks)) { throw "Tasks chart has invalid arguments."; return; } // validate chart name if (!chartName) { chartName = "All Workstreams"; } // categorize the tasks $(filteredTasks).each(function () { switch (this.Status) { case 0: tasks.offTrack.push(this); break; case 1: tasks.atRisk.push(this); break; case 2: tasks.complete.push(this); break; case 4: tasks.onTrack.push(this); break; default: tasks.notStarted.push(this); break; } tasks.all.push(this); }); //fix pie chart bug if value == 0 convert to null var onTrackTaskValue = (tasks.onTrack.length == 0) ? null : tasks.onTrack.length; var atRiskTaskValue = (tasks.atRisk.length == 0) ? null : tasks.atRisk.length; var offTrackTaskValue = (tasks.offTrack.length == 0) ? null : tasks.offTrack.length; var completeTaskValue = (tasks.complete.length == 0) ? null : tasks.complete.length; var notStartedTaskValue = (tasks.notStarted.length == 0) ? null : tasks.notStarted.length; // chart data var chartData = '<chart showLabels="0" showValues="0" showLegend="0" pieRadius="68" legendBgAlpha="0" chartrightmargin="8" charttopmargin="75" chartbottommargin="45" legendPosition="right" chartleftmargin="30" bgcolor="d6dddf" bgalpha="70" bordercolor="d6dddf" basefontcolor="black" basefontsize="11" showpercentvalues="1" bgratio="0" startingangle="360" animation="1" >\n\ <set value="' + onTrackTaskValue + '" label="On Track" color="33CC66" link="javascript:programHealth.displayTasksList(\'tasksChartItem\', 4);"/>\n\ <set value="' + atRiskTaskValue + '" label="At Risk" color="CCFF00" link="javascript:programHealth.displayTasksList(\'tasksChartItem\', 1);"/>\n\ <set value="' + offTrackTaskValue + '" label="Off Track" color="CC0000" link="javascript:programHealth.displayTasksList(\'tasksChartItem\', 0);"/>\n\ <set value="' + completeTaskValue + '" label="Complete" color="003399" link="javascript:programHealth.displayTasksList(\'tasksChartItem\', 2);"/>\n\ <set value="' + notStartedTaskValue + '" label="Not Started" color="606060 " link="javascript:programHealth.displayTasksList(\'tasksChartItem\', 3);"/>\n\ </chart>'; $(".label_control_tasks").text("TASKS" + " " + chartName); //define task chart var TaskChart = new FusionCharts("Pie2D", "chart_task", "165", "170"); // fill chart with data TaskChart.setXMLData(chartData); //render task chart TaskChart.render("taskChart"); // attach tasks data to chart element $("#taskChart").data("tasks", tasks); //create legends this.buildLegendChart($('#tasksLegend'), tasks); // attach task view all button this.content.element.find('#taskChartContainer > a.view-all').unbind('click.viewAll').bind('click.viewAll', function (event) { event.preventDefault(); // display all tasks self.displayTasksList('tasksChartViewAll', undefined, chartName); });
  8. Problems With Charts Not Working When Scrolled Out

    Closer inspection reveals that the tooltip is getting its visibility set to hidden on mouse over: <g class="highcharts-tooltip" zIndex="8" visibility="hidden" transform="translate(33,50)" style="visibility: hidden;"> Wtf?
  9. Problems With Charts Not Working When Scrolled Out

    The problem is worse than I thought, it not only happens to those in the bottom row, it happens randomly whenever I scroll the view. I suspect it's somewhat related to, which hasn't received a solution in months, and the poor guy was having the issue in production. If this isn't resolved, I'll have no choice but to recomment to remove Fusion Charts from the project and look for alternatives Can I expect help? Thanks
  10. Hello everyone. I have four different charts, placed on a 2x2 grids, each one in its own DIV. The problem is that, when the charts are initially loaded, those at the bottom row, if it's not visible (scrolled out of sight), will not have working tooltips, or handle click inputs. This is my HTML: <!-----MILESTONES CHART-----> <div id="milestoneChartContainer"> <h2 class="label_control_milestones"></h2> <a class="view-all chart_title" href="#" style="position: relative; top: 35px; right: -384px; z-index: 99;"> VIEW ALL </a> <div id="milestoneChart"> </div> <a class="view-milestones chart_title" href="#" style="position: relative; top: -55px; right: -200px;"> <span>5</span> Milestones Due in the next 14 Days > </a> <div id="milestonesLegend" class="chart-legend"> </div> </div> <!-----RISK CHART-----> <div class="DEV-risks-chart"> <h2 class="label_control_risk"></h2> <a class="view-all" href="#" style="position: relative; top: 2px; right: 2px;"> VIEW ALL </a> <div> <ul> <li id="chartRiskTitle"> TITLE </li> <li> <img src="~/Images/Program-Status-Dashboard-Graphical.png" class="DEV-show-risk-chart" /> </li> </ul> </div> </div> <!-----ISSUES AGING-----> <div class="issues-aging"> <h2 class="label_control"></h2> <a class="view-all" href="#" style="position: relative; top: 2px; right: 2px;"> VIEW ALL </a> <div id="issues-aging-chart"> PLACEHOLDER FOR CHART </div> </div> <!-----TASKS CHART-----> <div id="taskChartContainer"> <h2 class="label_control_tasks"></h2> <a class="view-all chart_title" href="#" style="position: relative; top: 38px; right: -404px; z-index: 99;"> VIEW ALL </a> <div id="taskChart"></div> <div id="tasksLegend" class="chart-legend"></div> </div> </td> Any idea what I might do to solve this? Thanks