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  1. Export As Csv

    hi, i want to use json data to render the chart and export it as csv, i have got "showExportDataMenuItem" , which provides provision to save data as csv but it works for xml data. How can i do this for json data?
  2. Legend, Chart Type

    Hi, I have a few issues regarding rendering the chart: 1-I have a chart with three elements, i want to use MSCombiDY2D, and also i have json data file(only key and data ) not in the format like categories, dataset that is required for fusion charts so, how do i use my json file to render the chart, its has large data. 2-Is it possible to show one element(legend) active on loading the graph. 3-can a single graph can be drawn in more than one chart type depending on selection of legend. suppose i select one entity(legend) it show bar graph and on two it show line+bar graph and on selecting three it should render MSCombiDY2D chart. and data need to come dynamically. IS this possible? Please help and tell if these are possible cases.
  3. Hi, How can i give an extra icon or something on bars to show that the particular bar 's tooltext contains some important information, i am using multiseries chart here and on a few of seriesname a want to give this info. Please suggest.
  4. Hi, I have a page that contains the fushion charts and this individual page renders perfectly and i can resize it, and i am embedding this page into my main app, the problem is that the chart span is not getting smaller and a div is added vertically to the page at right hand side, that disturb the ui of my app. How can make ui to look better. Pls Help !
  5. Drill Down Charts

    Hi, I have a chart, and i want to get it drill down but before drill down i want to give some choices like type-1 type-2. On clicking on chart bar it should give options to select and then drill down the chart. So, i want to do is: suppose i have three categories x, y, z. and seriesname for each category is a1, a2, a3. and now i want when i click on ''a1'' of ''x'' a pop up should open with options to select like type1 or type2 and on selecting one of the value the chart then drilldown. is this possible? and how can i implement this ? plz reply soon. Thanks,
  6. Drill Down Charts

    any update on this? Please help.
  7. Drill Down Charts

    Hi, I am creating a drilldown chart with different chart type at each level, I am using javascript charts, i have read in docs about configurelink(), but could not able to implement this, to render chart, i am giving the chart type like this(without .swf): var myChart = new FusionCharts( "Column2D", "myChartId", "320", "250", "0", "1" ); Kindly help!
  8. Drill Down Charts

    hi could you please upload a sample code for this issue. Thanks
  9. Chart Rendering Error.

    Hi, i am try to render chart with same id and div but with diiferent data on click, like this var myChart = new FusionCharts("Column2D","myChart1", "85%", "80%", "0" ); myChart.setJSONData(t); myChart.render("chartContainer"); but the error is thrown: ParameterException: #06091847 chartobject-1 Warning >> A FusionChart oject with the specified id "myChart1" already exists. Renaming it to chartobject-1How do i solve this? is this possible bcoz m using a div with a few links and depending upon the link the data is to be displayed in the same chart removing the existing chart. Please help...
  10. Chart Rendering Error.

    I found the way to implement this: var chartReference = FusionCharts( "myChartId" ); chartReference.setXMLUrl( "newData.xml" );
  11. HI, I need to know instead of giving a file name to setJSONUrl or data itself with setJSONData function , can we pass a object that contains the data for chart creation and with which function? because i have to modify my json data according the format required by fusion charts. Please Help!
  12. hi i have a json file, how do i modify it, to be used to render the mscombidy2d chart.
  13. Setjsondata Or Set Setjsonurl

    Thanks , It worked , i passed the variable with setJSONData and it worked
  14. Export As Csv

    Thanks , it worked.
  15. Export As Csv

    i regret that, i didnt mention that i am using javascript charts. it is still not working. Pls help
  16. Export As Csv

    thanks for replying but as i mentioned this property works for xml data, and i am using json data.