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  1. Hi. I am trying build a swf file using java (Java-based Compiler API); The chart I use is: ns1:FusionChart id="chart1" FCchartType="MSColumn3D" FCdataURL="http://localhost:8090/ServletApp" I added in the java code the FusionChart.swc as lib and the mxml file containing the chart: Application application = new Application(new File("D:demo_SWC_app.mxml")); Configuration c = application.getDefaultConfiguration(); File[] libFile = new File[]new File("D:libs", "FusionChart.swc")}; c.addLibraryPath(libFile); Using Flex3builder the application (mxml file+ chart swf) works perfectly. My problem is that I don t know how to specifiy to the java api how to add the swf files of the charts. I have the file MSColumn3D.swf in the same folder as the mxml and the generated swf file (generated by java)... I added the chart swf file to trusted files in Adobe Manager, but I get the following error when I embed the generated swf into a html file (to see it in a browser): ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property url not found on _demo_SWC_app_mx_managers_SystemManager and there is no default value. at com.fusionchart.components.flx.external::FlashInterface$/getSWFName() at com.fusionchart.components.flx.external::FlashInterface$/getId() at com.fusionchart.components.flx.external::FlashInterface$/publish() at com.fusionchart.components::FusionChart/loaded() I do hope I was clear enough. Can anyone provide me some help? Thank you