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  1. hi! Thanks for your reply. But "valueFontSize" is not working for me. I am using fusion charts3.2.
  2. Dear team! I can change font style for caption/connector labels using <styles>. But cant change node/dataplot label/name font style (refer img). Also I have tried as increase "baseFontSize", but . How to increase font size?
  3. Event Handling in DragNode Chart

    Hi sanjukta ! , Thanks for your reply. I am using flash charts only, not JS rendrering charts. Is it possible to "update the existing chart with new data in flash charts" ?
  4. Dear team! I need to show/hide some connectors&labels, when click another dataplot. Is it possible?
  5. Zoomline Chart Tooltip

    Hi! For me, in Javascript rendering, x-axis value is not showing/highlighting in tooltip. Also shows a single value only. Any idea?
  6. JS Zoomline chart - vertical line

    Hi! How to show time in tooltip in javascript rendering zoomline chart? In flash that is woking fine(see flash.png). Also in our forums, where is the option/button to start new topic?
  7. Hi! We are using Fusion charts(Zoom-line chart) with vertical line, In flash rendering the vertical line is displayed correctly (ref fc1.png), but not in javascript rendering (ref fc2.png).
  8. Fusion charts xt trial in chart

    Hi! I need to show chart values on mouse over in Zoomline chart(JS rendering), If i set showVaues as 1 , Chart is not good to seen(refer attached images). Any other idea ?
  9. Fusion charts xt trial in chart

    After set the above attributes, allowPinMode is disabled. but toolbarHAlign is not working. (I m using version 3.2.2 xt), Also tooltip sometimes not working in that same version.
  10. Javascript chart with JQueryPlugin

    Any Updates ?
  11. Download prev versions:

    Hi! I need to download previous versions of fusion charts & maps(Example v3.2 XT). Is it possible ?
  12. Javascript chart with JQueryPlugin

    Hi ! As stated before, we are using flash charts till now(using version 3.2.2) as HTML embedding, now we want to change as javascript rendering without change fusioncharts version. I have seen in doc HTML embed method does not support JavaScript (HTML5) chart fallback mechanism. So if i need to render JS charts, the only way is jquery plugin? (but i can't change my version, Is jqueryplugin working fine in 3.2.2?). What can I do ?
  13. Javascript chart with JQueryPlugin

    @ guru: Thank you once again, Also Please give minimum versions for each types(maps, wigdets, charts, powercharts) for javascript rendering(not jquery plugin, using HTML embedding) support without bugs. Is it possible to see old versions document(Eg: 3.1 , 3.2)?
  14. Javascript chart with JQueryPlugin

    Hi! In my page I need to show Maps, charts, widgets, etc. So I need to use all Js classess(namely FusionChart.js,FusionChart.HC.js,FusionMaps.js, etc ) from various folders(Maps, Charts, Widgets) . My question is what is the minimum versions for each(maps, charts, widgets) for take js classes?. Is 3.2.1 support javascript charts rendering, using jquery plugin for all types(maps,charts,widgets)?
  15. Javascript chart with JQueryPlugin

    @guru:Thank you so much for your reply. 8) yAxisMaxValue property is not working fine.(refer image fc3.png). Also I need minimum versions for each type of charts in a single page