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  1. hi! So, i expected to update licence from user to developer one. i wish to know what code line i would have to change to update single Column 2D to Scroll Column 2D ? i don't want to change many code. what code will i have to change after upgrade ?
  2. Flash Menu

    hi ! i have the same request. i'd wish translate the right mouse click menu. is it possible ?
  3. exactly, you're perfectly right ! i tried evaluation release and all is good, better then ! thanks.
  4. hi ! i don't speak about v2.3, but the FREE version. Shall you confirm what you said : "no code modification" ?
  5. hi! Actually i use fusionchart FREE. I produce 50 charts with webpage. i would buy and upgrade to commercial fusionchart V3 licence. i 'd like to know if i could keep my html/JS/tag code and just update the swf file or if i must re-code all my web pages (a hard task and due moment !) ? Thanks for help and more please give me an example what to do to upgrade just one chart (FREE to V3) bye