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  1. This works in Fire Fox but not in IE8: <BR><div id="chartContainer">FusionCharts will load here!</div><BR><script type="text/javascript"></P><P> var objJSON = {<BR> "chart": {<BR> "caption": "Monthly Sales Summary",<BR> "subcaption": "For the year 2006",<BR> "xaxisname": "Month",<BR> "yaxisname": "Sales",<BR> "numberprefix": "$"<BR> },<BR> "data": [<BR> {<BR> "label": "January",<BR> "value": "17400"<BR> },<BR> {<BR> "label": "February",<BR> "value": "19800"<BR> },<BR> {<BR> "label": "March",<BR> "value": "21800"<BR> },<BR> {<BR> "label": "April",<BR> "value": "23800"<BR> },<BR> {<BR> "label": "May",<BR> "value": "29600"<BR> },<BR> {<BR> "label": "June",<BR> "value": "27600"<BR> },<BR> {<BR> "vline": "true",<BR> "color": "FF5904",<BR> "thickness": "2"<BR> },<BR> {<BR> "label": "July",<BR> "value": "31800"<BR> },<BR> {<BR> "label": "August",<BR> "value": "39700"<BR> },<BR> {<BR> "label": "September",<BR> "value": "37800"<BR> },<BR> {<BR> "label": "October",<BR> "value": "21900"<BR> },<BR> {<BR> "label": "November",<BR> "value": "32900"<BR> },<BR> {<BR> "label": "December",<BR> "value": "39800"<BR> }<BR> ],<BR> "trendlines": {<BR> "line": [<BR> {<BR> "startvalue": "22000",<BR> "color": "00cc00",<BR> "displayvalue": "Average"<BR> }<BR> ]<BR> },<BR> "styles": {<BR> "definition": [<BR> {<BR> "name": "CanvasAnim",<BR> "type": "animation",<BR> "param": "_xScale",<BR> "start": "0",<BR> "duration": "1"<BR> }<BR> ],<BR> "application": [<BR> {<BR> "toobject": "Canvas",<BR> "styles": "CanvasAnim"<BR> }<BR> ]<BR> }<BR> };<BR> FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer("javascript");<BR> var myChart = new FusionCharts("Column3D", "myChartId", "400", "300", "0", "0");<BR> myChart.setJSONData(objJSON);<BR> myChart.render("chartContainer");</P><P> </P><P></script><BR>
  2. I am having the same issue. It works in FireFox with no change. IE 8 fails with invalid data. Flash is installed but we are using javascript only.