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  1. I am having problem with my chart - yaxismaxvalue is ignored - see attached picture. My sum of data values is 100, however chart is displaying yaxismaxvalue as 110. The problem is highlighted with yellow color in the chart, XML is attached. I have anonymized the label. "<chart showvalues="0" decimalprecision="2" numbersuffix="%" chartleftmargin="0" chartrightmargin="0" divlinecolor="cccccc" adjustdiv="0" numdivlines="3" yaxisminvalue="0" yaxismaxvalue="100.00" showsum="1" interactivelegend="0" showpercentvalues="0" canvasbgalpha="0" palettecolors="EF8200,A7BCB6,5586AE,EFB600,9DBBD5" ><categories><category label="xxx County" /></categories><dataset seriesname="Private" renderas="Bar" showvalues="0"><set value="16.01" tooltext="xxx County, Private, Count: 221, 16.01 %" /></dataset><dataset seriesname="Public Access" renderas="Bar" showvalues="0"><set value="83.99" tooltext="xxx County, Public Access, Count: 1159, 83.99 %" /></dataset></chart>" @version fusioncharts/3.2.3-sr3.5347