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  1. Ie8 Win Xp Javascript Error

    Hi Bindu, Has the issue been resolved? I am facing the same issue that is being discussed here. I get the error in IE and FF, but FF is still able to produce the image(or PDF) where IE 8 fails. Like some-user referenced in http://forum.fusionc...dpost__p__46557 we cannot use out for both character and binary at the same time. We know that for a fact, then why are we not focusing on this part rather than asking for the source code or a sample project? If you doubt that the error does not happen, then we can do a remote session at your suitable time and i can show you the error happening in our end. THe reason why I cannot send you a stripped down version of the code is because we use an external frame work so I do not know how feasible it is to send you a sample. Also as mentioned by one of the user, there are 2 log files in the system for tomcat, please check all you logs, if you are using linux, then please use grep or similar tool to searchf or the text. I do not see why you would be needing the code? Please let us know how we are suppose to solve this issue. Other people who I think are acing the same issue are http://forum.fusionc...h__1#entry45626 Regards Arul