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  1. Hi Can we set custom tooltip text for dial element in Angular Gauge. if Yes, please provide with a sample. Thanks in Advance Murali
  2. Weird Chart Cropping Problem

    Thank you for your response Pallav. Your solution did not solve the problem. But it made our team think a bit different. We found a really weird behaviour with Internet Explorer. The aforementioned issue cropped up when we set the Width and Height of the chart in string values i.e as 300px and 250px. We found the problem luckily as I forgot to add "px" to the width and height values to a particular chart and that chart was always drawn correctly. Then we compared the two HTMLs and found the only difference being the px added at the end of Width & height variables. Once we removed them, it rendered like a charm!! Thanks for the help. Murali
  3. Weird Chart Cropping Problem

    Hi, We are evaluating fusion charts for our application. I have a Telerik docking control (a table based container for dragging contents) . We are using the supplied function "RenderChart" to generate chart javascript and place the output inside the above said container. The chart seems to work some times but infrequently we end up with chart totally cropped? If i refresh the browser some times the chart will redraw itself properly and some time it results in same behaviour. I have attached the cropped image for your reference. The resulting HTML has all properties set correctly including width and height. We are using a dynamically generated disk based xml file. Has any one seen such a cropped behaviour , Fusion team your help would be most appreciated. Murali