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  1. Charts Formatting

    Hi all, My first post on this forums. Although I am new to Fusion Charts XT, I am already able to do stuff with Fusion Charts XT eval version. However, in the 3D column chart that I have plotted, I need to provide color based on the values indicated by a bar. The X-axis and Y-axis values are obtained from 2 columns by iterating on a data table. Also, I have a trend line drawn on the chart and the values for the trend line are conditional and that works well. However, I want to display the bar in red if it falls short of reaching the trend line, else if it touches or passes the trend line, the column must be shown in green. My other problem is with giving different colors for columns in another 3D column chart and that is also a data bound chart. Hence, at design time, I do not know how many columns I have to draw. Also, since I am a little short handed on Java script, I would like to stick to C#/ASP.NET, if possible. I need to have a good logic to generate random/unique colors for each bar. In another chart, I have to use random/unique colors to set the display in a Pie Chart. Expect you all to guide me further. Thanks, Bhushan.