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  1. Linear Gauge Pointers

    Never mind. It turns out that it was the <values> area that was inserting the odd ball pointer.
  2. Linear Gauge Pointers

    Hello, I'm using a Linear Gauge and I am trying to add two pointers to it. When I do add the pointers in the <pointers> area of the xml I end up with three pointers. It seems as though there is a default pointer showing up that I would like not to be there. How do I only get the pointers I assign to show up? The following code produces 3 pointers and I would only like two. <Chart bgColor='FFFFFF' showValue='0' showTickMarks='0' showTickValues='0' bgAlpha='0' showBorder='0' upperLimit='60' lowerLimit='0' gaugeRoundRadius='5' chartBottomMargin='10' ticksBelowGauge='0' showGaugeLabels='1' valueAbovePointer='0' pointerOnTop='0' pointerRadius='9' showToolTip='1' editMode='1' > <colorRange> <color minValue='0' maxValue='5' name='2010' /> <color minValue='5' maxValue='10' name='2011' /> <color minValue='10' maxValue='15' name='2012' /> <color minValue='15' maxValue='20' name='2013' /> </colorRange> <value>32.5</value> <pointers> <pointer value="92" toolText="Current year" /> <pointer value="79" bgColor="CCCCCC" borderColor="333333" toolText="Last year"/> </pointers> <styles> <definition> <style name='ValueFont' type='Font' bgColor='333333' size='10' color='FFFFFF'/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='VALUE' styles='valueFont'/> </application> </styles> </Chart>