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  1. This is a visualization presented in USA Today: This type of enhancement would be great for the line chart. We would buy it immediately if it were available. I read a blog that makes it sound like it was custom built by USA Today staffers, but it looks like they started with FusionCharts. Thanks, Ron
  2. Please consider adding a motion chart to future versions of FusionGadgets or FusionCharts. A motion chart is now offered through Google Gadgets, but it is limited to using their spreadsheet. Example: Also, other charts need the ability to convey temporal characteristics as well (Google's is a Bubble XY chart). A series of bar or column charts that transition in a fluid manner from one time period to the next would be great. You can do this with Excel/PowerPoint, but it is cumbersome and does not provide a smooth visual transition from one chart to the next. If this is possible with the existing bar/column charts and javascript, please let me know. Thank you, Ron Tillis
  3. My suggestion is to add a calendar to the FusionChart offerings. Allow the insertion of links and text into the day fields. It could be used as a stand alone graphic or serve as a navigation tool for dashboard reporting. In addition, you could allow color coding of the cells to indicate values, alerts, etc. Thank you, Ron Tillis
  4. Your site has an example of multiple spark line charts being formatted together. I am running into an alignment problem in trying to emulate your approach. If the high/low or starting/ending values do not have the same number of digits, the spark lines vary in length. This can be partially addressed by forcing the 2 digit decimal point, but I have not found a way to address it with a mix of positive/negative values or if all the whole numbers are not the same number of digits. Is there a way to control the width of the chart area and align it with the other charts? ...this is without discarding the high/low and beginning/ending values. Thank You,
  5. I am working with a Gantt chart that utilizes a trend zone. I have been unable to alter the COLOR of the TRENDVALUES font using <Style>. However, I have been able to change the font face/bgColor/borderColor, add underline, make bold, make italic, and change the size successfully. Therefore, I'm fairly certain I am applying the <Style> correctly. I also applied the same <Style> to the TASKLABELS object and it correctly applied the font color. Thank you,
  6. A timeline chart would be a great addition to FusionGadgets. I often use FusionCharts and FusionGadgets to illustrate the impact of internal and external events on my company's performance. Having a chart to show these events in a timeline would add a lot to the overall impact. In my research, I have found a few MS Excel examples... nothing automated. Example: Thank you,
  7. Drill Down using Frames Example Issue

    That's it. Once I attempted it off of the local file system, it worked. Thanks for your help and your excellent products!! Ron
  8. Drill Down using Frames Example Issue

    I'm using IE6 and Windows XP. I also tried it with the FusionCharts 3 Developer Edition drill down example with the same result.
  9. The Frame Example that comes with with FusionGadgets, "CodeDrillDownFrameExample.html", launches a new window instead of directing the page to the lower frame.
  10. My suggestion is to add the ability to create a 'stacking' bullet graph. The bullet graph allows the display of only one primary measure. It would be helpful to extend that one primary measure to be composed of more than one part. Example: Instead of displaying 'Total Revenue' as a single color bar, it could display 'Total Revenue' as a stacked two color bar where part 1 is 'Revenue from Unit A' and part 2 is 'Revenue from Unit B'. Used in conjunction with other bullet graphs for the same units, it would be great for measuring the relative contributions of each while keeping the benefits of having aggregate targets and qualitative ranges displayed. Thank you, Ron Tillis
  11. My suggestion is to add the ability to control the 'valueAbovePointer', 'pointerOnTop', and 'showValue' attributes at the pointer level instead of just the chart level. I have pointers that are overlapping. I would like to address this by moving one pointer to the bottom and the other on top. Or, I would like to be able to offset the values by having them at different heights. Thank you, Ron Tillis