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  1. Hi, I'd like to convert a Chart created with FusionChart JavaScript (latest version) to a png image on my Java tomcat server without having to use php or C#. My scenario : 1. A FusionChart JavaScript chart is created on the browser 2. I will add a button called "save on server" 3. User clicks on the button and then the image is saved on the server as a png image. So basically, the part that I need is step 3. I need a java only server based solution. I'm currently using tomcat 7 and java 7 to run the webapp. Is there a tutorial for us Java programmers? I see alot of c# and php solution, but not many for Java. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Licensing Security

    Thanks for the reply, but it didn't answer my question. Back to my example, assume I have a website with a legal purchased copy of FusionCharts javascript. Then, imagine a dishonest visitor comes to my website (site1) and decides to simply copy and steal the FusionCharts javascript files. He then uses them on his website (site2). Then you (FusionCharts) visits site1 and site2. How will you know which one is the legal version? Thank you
  3. Licensing Security

    I know you offer a free flash version and non-free javascript solution. My question is regarding the javascript version. Assume someone buys the javascript version and then use the javascript files on their website. That's all fine. 1 - How can you tell that the website is using a paid version & not a demo or trial version? 2 - Can't another person simply just copy the fusion javascript files and use them on another website. I'm sure this is not something unique to Fusion charts as it would apply to all other companies that provide html5/javascript solutions. Basically, how can we know that the version that we paid for legally will not be copied & used somewhere else. Thankyou