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  1. Of course it does help... in fact it solved my problem! You guys are the best! Thanks Kamal
  2. I am attaching the XML since it is not showing up in the message. Thanks Kamal XML.txt
  3. I am trying to use a bulb widget. This is the XML that I am using: '0.0' The color that shows up when I use this XML is B41527 - a shade of red when actually the color should be 399E38 which is a shade of green. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks Kamal
  4. Hook to know that the chart has been loaded

    Oops... FC_Rendered should do the trick! Kamal
  5. Is there any way in which I can determine that the chart has finished loading? For example, in a 3D column chart, is there any JavaScript method that I can call to check if the chart has finished rendering? I need to perform some action only after the chart has finished loading. Is there any way I can do this? Thanks Kamal
  6. Annotation not appearing in Angular chart

    Yes, modifying the x and y values appropriately works. Thanks!
  7. I am using the following xml for my angular gauge: The Angular gauge shows up but the annotation does not show up. Anything I am missing here? Thanks a ton... Kamal
  8. Javascript not working in link attribute of chart

    It works on my machine. But I cannot ask every user to do this. My app is going to run on a desktop machine. How can I avoid having every user go and change these settings?
  9. Javascript not working in link attribute of chart

    Yes, it works! Thanks a lot!
  10. Javascript not working in link attribute of chart

    I'm not using IE. I am actually using a Safari browser embedded in my Macintosh desktop application.
  11. I have the following for the link attribute in the element 'set' in the xml in my data for a Column3D chart: link="javascript:window.alert('hello');" But when I click on the bar corresponding to the set element in which this link is, nothing happens. I put this to test the JS function integration. I actually had some other code like: link="javascript:window.WidgetController.drillDownWidgetWithNameAndValue1AndValue2("ElectricityConsumptionQDay001","03/01/2009 00:00:00", "04/01/2009 00:00:00" )" But this does not work. That is why I put the sanity check with the window alert. Is there something I'm doing wrong here? Thanks!
  12. Real time data URL

    I am serving the swf files from my web server with the URL: My app serves requests using a URL like: Will this work? I understand that the real time data dataStreamURL will have to be in the same domain. Does the above qualify as the same domain?
  13. Canvas background color

    That works!!! Thanks a ton... Kamal
  14. Canvas background color

    Hi, I'm having a similar problem. bgColor='000000' works for 3D charts but for Line2D and Bulb, both bgColor='000000' and bgColor='000000,000000' don't work. The background color shows up as grey. Giving bgColor='FFFFFF' does show the background as white but for some reason black does not work. Please let me know how to fix this.