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  1. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    ok, i've solved the problem. i left some ' & l t ; ' in the xml string. because i wanted to use '< BR >'. i was so careless. it works well with powercharts too, great work! thank you very much!
  2. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    ok, here it is < fc:renderHTML chartId="devices" filename="myProjects/fusion/power/DragNode.swf" width="900" height="600" xml="#{charts.devicesXML}" /> i can use it to display fusioncharts and fusionmaps very well, but with powercharts, "invalid xml data" problem happens. And i'm sure there's nothing wrong with the xml String. Thanks.
  3. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    hi srividya_sharma, when i use this taglib with powercharts in a "binding value from bean" way, a "invalid data" problem happen, any ideas please? thank you
  4. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    this taglib works very well in a seam app. Thanks very much to srividya_sharma:P I used it in a portlet container+seam+jsf+facelets+richfaces environment. just add that fusioncharts.taglib.xml under META-INF folder in that jar file to make it works well with facelets. sorry for my english...
  5. Fusion Charts intergration with JSF

    should add a fusioncharts.taglib.xml file fusioncharts.taglib.xml