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  1. Tooltip value customization

    I am using a lisencesd version of FusionCharts XT. I have a requirement where I have to show some value in the tooltip other than the value plotted in the chart. Is there any way so that we can manipulate the json to add different values to the tooptip of the linecharts or mixed charts. Example : Suppose I have have the data about a student's name, height and weight. Now I put the name (x-axis) and height (y-axis) in a line chart. Now for each name I want to show the weight in the tooltip of the nodes in the line. Is it posssible. If possible how can I achieve it.
  2. Hello, I have an application where I have to deliver charts through an automated emails service. The service is a background batch process which does not have any client (browser) intervention. Is there any way to generate the charts entirely at server side in any image format preferably without using any file I/O. I am using java and spring framework for server side coding. I want to eventually convert the images into base64 format and send them via email. I have also read a blog saying something of this sort at your website but could not really figure it out properly and also it contained some file I/O ideas which I want to preferably avoid. Blog link >> Please provide me with the idea to achieve this functionality, if possible with some sample codes.