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  1. UK Map with counties

    Hi, Such maps can be developed as custom development based on your input. For custom maps please contact us at [email protected] Kisor
  2. World Map Countries how to get entity ID??

    Please e-mail your order ref to [email protected] requesting for updated .js file to populate the 'world with all countires' map in the GUI tool.
  3. Bermuda

    The North America map displays only the countries of 'North America' continent. Bermuda is a group of large number of very small islands belonging to UK, hence it is not appearing in North America map. We can however develop a custom map for you showing Bermuda islands (however, it will be very tiny - much smaller than Bahamas even)
  4. Hi, The release is scheduled within next 6 weeks. However, you can get it immediately by sending e-mail at [email protected] quoting your FusionMaps license purchase ref - write request for 'New World map with countires' in the subject line.
  5. Map of Europe incorrect

    Map sent to you by separate e-mail Thanks Kisor FusionMaps Team
  6. Map of Europe incorrect

    Hi, We have developed another map for Europe (Europe 2) showing the 2 regions of Cyprus (Turkish and Greece) separately. Please quote us your FusionMaps Purchase ref to send to you this map as complimentary.
  7. Detailed world map

    Now we have one World Map with countries. This is not included in the current FusionMaps pack - to get a copy of the map, email your Order ref to [email protected] requesting for 'New World Map'
  8. One suggestion

    We have created another map for China (inclusive of Taiwan) that would be included in FusionMaps v3.0.5. Anyway you may mail your order ref to [email protected] to mail you the new map of China at the earliest.
  9. Caribbean Maps

    Thease are too small geographies - however, we plan to include it suitably in v 3.0.6
  10. Washington DC

    We are planning to add a map for Washington DC in next minor version upgrade.
  11. Asia with Mid-East

    We have a map of Asia+ Mid East, but it's not part of FusionMaps pack. Should you e-mail your order ref. at [email protected], a copy of the map can be sent to you. Kisor
  12. Middle East country maps

    Most of the remaining maps for Mid East will be available in next minor release (FusionMaps v3.0.5) - scheduled before end of August'07 Kisor FusionMaps Team